Difference between XM1 and XNT

Sorry if this is answered somewhere else but I can’t find any good explanations on the difference between the XM1 Plus and the XNT. I know both are 13.56Mhz, so I’m really not sure what the difference is.

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Both chips are 13.56MHz and ISO14443A compliant, but they have dramatically different memory structures and features. The xNT is based on the NTAG216 chip which is also NFC Type 2 compliant, and the xM1+ is based on a Chinese clone of a Mifare Classic 1k chip, which is not NFC compliant.

Many legacy systems still use the Mifare Classic, so the xM1+ might be useful for people who want to clone their Mifare Classic 1K cards to an implant. If you do not have a specific need for the xM1+ I would not bother.

Thanks Amal that answers that. I already have the xEM in one hand, so soon I’ll have the xNT in the other!

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At work de use the MiFare tags. When i was trying to add my Xnt to our system i found that the reader did not respond. Is this because the reader is not nfc compliant or simply because the reader only accepts MiFare tags? Is this where the Xm1 would work?

I can’t answer for certain… but it sounds plausible. Check this FAQ - https://forum.dangerousthings.com/t/chip-compatibility-with-systems-and-devices

Maybe… again I can’t know for certain because the term “mifare” is heavily bastardized… so at this point it’s hard to know what you mean exactly. If you can, use an Android smartphone with NFC and the TagInfo app to scan your work tag, then post the data here… particularly the IC type and full memory scan.