Disney Magicband Implant Works

I searched to see if someone had the beginning of this story on here already but I didn’t find it. It seems @amal did a custom job for Jen and she had a magicband implanted. The story claims it was a DESFire-3 and it was tested with purchases so far but not park entry yet (parks are almost open).

I’d be really curious if you could take a FlexDF and put it into a cut open magicband, get it activated, then implant that instead of going this custom route. Either way, this is the first I’ve ever heard of a working Disney implant.

Disney did just announce however they will be phasing out the free magic bands in lieu of using a NFC card or your phone. That sounds like they will get rid of the long range applications and will no longer use the battery powered portion of current magic bands meaning implants should be just as good as Disney provided.

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I had posted here about it when I did the conversion initially, but Jen asked me to take it down until she had a chance to test it out. This was well before lockdown, but she hadn’t had a chance to actually get it installed until recently. The Magic Band puck form factor can be cracked open and inside there is an active RF board with coin cell, but also on the board is a DESFire EV1 and antenna, totally separate from the active stuff, but just parasitically sitting on the same PCB. I removed the DFEV1 and made it into a flexDF for her.

You cannot take a flexDF to the park and make it work because even though the DESFire EV1 is a multi-application chip, nobody shares that capability with anyone else. This is explained about midway down in this post after the big “important” sign.

Since the article is out now, here are the photos from the conversion…

This is the PCB inside the Magic puck. You can see where the MOB packaged DESFire EV1 was on the board and the antenna leads going to the “wings”. I desoldered it from the board.

This related article has these images as well - https://touringplans.com/blog/2020/04/15/my-attempt-to-become-a-disney-cyborg-update/

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If they do go away with the long range aspect as they have indicated, this means we would no longer have a sunset to the implant usefulness right? These could essentially be permanent magic band implants I would think. Makes it much more enticing to someone who goes very frequently.

I have learned it’s a bad idea to speculate what a company like that is going to do with something they view as transient and possibly even disposable… but sure, sounds safer. My personal hope would be to work something out with Disney so we could develop a java card applet for VivoKey Apex that you could deploy and buy tickets on your mobile then attach them to the VivoKey… but that’s probably a very long way away, if ever.


Sounds to me like you just need to talk to the right people.
Maybe somebody on here has that contact…
images (75)

More importantly, I’m glad you now use the more professional and scale accurate lego strom trooper for scale rather than Rick and Morty

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more professional

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AFAIK there are employees at the entry to say go or try again. So, using the implant might confuse the employees a bit, as they will wonder what they are using that is scanning (especially if they are wearing short sleeves and therefore nothing is possibly covering a Magic Band).

This is just a shower thought

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People say this about store clerks and ticket takers and all that… but people put way too much authority in machines, and they are dealing with way too many people to worry about why their cash register or ticket scanner OK’d the purchase or entry. If the machine goes beep, get the fuck out of the way because I got more money to make or tickets to scan or whatever. It never happens. Honestly.


Am cashier at target. can confirm.
the only time i care about what the card reader does is when it doesn’t work (which is often).

I cant wait for an apex in the blade edge so i can just fist pound a reader and have it actually start working


Quick update to this…



Magic puck conversion service coming soon…


My magic band was tested for resort entry, Park entry, photos, and purchases. And it worked for everything :slight_smile:


Nice :+1:
was that the actual band or the conversion?

Welcome Mrs Fett! Did you have any trouble convincing photopass photographers to scan it instead of a band? Have you ever been denied park entry? I’m mostly worried of the human element and having a cm not sure what to do when presented with a chip instead of a band or card they’re used to.

SO SORRY it took so long to respond, moved to Canada and things have been a bit crazy trying to settle in. The human element was definitely apprehensive, but not limiting. I didn’t have anyone tell me no, or deny access to any part of the parks, they were more fascinated, or confused, The thing with cast members is they are not paid enough to care HOW the technology is used, as long as it says valid and matches your photo and fingerprint to them its all the same, just a bit different. whether its a card, paper, MagicBand or implant…

The actual implant works everywhere and does everything my MBs do :slight_smile:

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EXACTLY! as long as the beep goes green, they dont care. Its not their job to care, its their job to get money through the gates

exqueeze me? Disney taking fingerprints now?

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Always had been (insert astronaut meme here)…

I talk about this a few times in various videos when I discuss the perils of biometrics. I had a fight with the gate security over it many many years ago. Ultimately they let the kids in without fingerprinting them but I caved.

Must remember to wear painted on latex with fake fingerprints when I go to Disneyland.