DIY LF antenna for Proxmark 3 Easy

I’m 100% sure it will affect the form of the waves, since it’s actually wrapped around the coax and not round, and I’m sure the flat will have a similar effect, so the plan is to more or less “point” a round edge in the direction of use. I can take some good pics today and took a bunch during the build if people are interested. Just didn’t want to hijack/spam this post with too many photos. I ended up with a 22 ohm resistor in series to bring voltage down. I get about 3-4 mm range read on my NExT while set in HID model. It’s similar to the hacked up xAC antenna I first spliced on it as far as range, but not nearly as picky about angle and reliability. I have access to a couple decent Flukes at work so I will try to get some data today if one can measure capacitance. And btw, being the first decently tuned antenna I’ve made, it’s the 3rd core(both the first and second were too short like your first one was :P), and like 6th time I wrapped one.


Pro tip:

Put image’s in here if you don’t want to spam them, then people like me who would love to see your progress and you do not need to worry about spamming this post with too many photos (not that I think you should anyway, sharing is caring etc)

Like this:



Very cool project indeed !

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Have you modded the easy for an sma connector, have you just tagged it on or something else?

Mine is a proxmark3 rdv2, and I just got a pigtail on amazon that went from the silly little snap on antenna to an rp-sma connector (since I had a ton of rp-sma connectors when I was making fpv cloverleaf antennas(badly I might add)). I finally got an LCR and will do some testing on my antenna this weekend and finish up what I started then post some pics like leumas95 suggested.


So are you going to make a DIY HF antenna next? :smiley:

I probably won’t, the HF chips that I work with don’t seem to have the tearing issue so it doesnt seem as critical.

Plus, on the PM3 easy, the HF antenna is ‘non removable’ - so it’d be a bit of time with a dremel and figuring out a good way to add a connector to do it. Plus then building a new ‘non implant’ antenna for it too

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