Do x-series spin in their pockets? xG3 V2 owners, help pls

Until now it was just a theory, a likely one but just a theory.
WIth the xG3 v2 we can finally test it.

Can some v2 owners use another magnet to spin the xG3 inside it’s pocket?
Maybe describe how easy/hard it is, does it feel weird?
Also possibly bookmark this and try again in some months to see if it changed.

This is interesting because the xSIIDs LED is faced to the side.

Get a Lamello drill jig and spin it next to the implant. If it spins, surely you should feel it.

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My xled certainly does.

yes it rotates! i just tested it.

i think that was the first time it rotated.

i took some magnets, and first went close with the North side.

it got attracted. nothing special.

then i flipped the Magnets and went close with the South side and woooow - i felt it rotating :smiley:

it felt a bit like just the feeling of getting attracted to the other magnets, but diffrent.

a bit of a strange feeling :smiley:

but i never felt it rotating before, so i think it just does that with other magnets involved

until now i kept magnets away from it for better healing - i already mess around too much with it

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I dont mean usual migration, but like if it rolls.

Ah perfect thanks! Amals theory is confirmed, as usual.

Remember though that’s still a fairly fresh install,

Will it still spin freely 2-3 months from now?

yes. the glass is absolutely smooth and nothing can grow into or attach itself to it. if we had added biobond or parylene then no it would not spin as tissue itself grows into that coating.

I’m imagining friction from the pocket closing tighter and tighter, not necessarily growth or attachment

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if there was that much friction then i would think your body would have other problems like calciphylaxis or something… i mean… it’s just that the amount of friction to stop a smooth glass cylinder from turning while suspended in interstitial tissue fluid… that would be like… well it would just be amazing is all.

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Just thinking out Loud, I know little on the subject

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Here’s an idea: stick a smaller version of that radially magnetized magnet in a longer tube containing an xLED with 2 LEDs, each shining on the side, opposite to each other. Present a magnet’s north or south pole to select the color :slight_smile:

Could you use a tiny cylinder magnet in place of the ferrite core?

For what its worth, the titan spins too… a lot. It’s funny looking.

Does it spin, or does it tumble?

Uhmmm… rotisserie chicken spins… cheerleaders tumble… the titan flips like a coin, sometimes lands on its side like Ferris wheel…



Both funny AND helpful

Looks like a xenomorph according to a good friend


So many questions…

Ask away… but first: @Pilgrimsmaster is this a derail? (Edit: said detail cause autocorrect sucks)

Sorry, did you mean derail?
If so,
Not in my opinion. I think your video answered the question EXACTLY for spin.
"Do x-series spin in their pockets? xG3 V2 owners, help pls "

Personally I would have first asked about rotation.

But also, yest, I think you answered in great detail :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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