Do x-series spin in their pockets? xG3 V2 owners, help pls

I should’ve worded that different. (I don’t know how the poles on the magnet are orientated) What I meant to ask was; Is the sensing different more or less depending on which side of the magnet is toward the pad?

That is so neat it does that, I would’ve been caught off guard if it happened to me.

Thank you for sharing that video, it made my skin crawl :joy:

At this point its spun or tumbled or flipped enough times I have no clue which side is where. The sensing is the same.
hahah yeah its a bit freaky, I like it

That can’t be good for the pocket

I wouldn’t do it all day, every day, but if it’s fully healed it’s fine … so long as you’re not using a stupidly strong magnet :stuck_out_tongue: but Maria is also not an idiot haha

I did it today for testing and it’s happened once of twice with magnets “in the wild” (mainly my laptop and ipad cases). Today I was doing my nails and was surprised by the interaction so I decided to film it. The magnet is pretty much healed in place by now (its been two weeks). And yeah, I’d like to think i’m not an idiot :stuck_out_tongue:


I kinda dislike it already… it’s probably too thick to stay in place :confused:

It’s very much in place. My other magnets do something similar. Different only because the coating is parylene so the magnet behaves differently but theres a lot of movement too.

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Grab yourself a pole indicated magnet and you will be able to quickly tell


I think the fact that you can flip the poles is pretty awesome.
You can choose to repel or attract other magnets.
You should learn some magic tricks :woman_mage: :magnet:

Exactly, I would think this creates the possibility of being able to change the way you sense things as well.

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hahah remember, I’m American, so everything reduces down to gun lingo…




Hey, I’m very new to all this. If I understand correctly, an xG3 v2 is essentially a magnet you implant into your finger?

Hello and welcome!

Its a implantable Magnet.

There is nearly 0 reason to implant it in the finger, Its just too big for a finger.

Its a magnet in a glass tube, 15x3mm

Here you can get some info about the magnet it self

Here you can get info about the X series Implants in general


highly recommend that!
There are lots of good info about the X Series!

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Thank you!

Spinning/tilting/tumbling/rotating/whatever the m31 :sweat_smile:



That creeps the shit outta me.


Part of the appeal is creeping the shit outta other people.
It’s a pretty amazing bonus feature. :grinning:



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Do not like

It’s weird the lines we draw

The idea of it sliding left right or up and down is fine

But the idea of it flipping over is bizarre and skin crawling


I wanna know too. Like proven with an experiment.

here is the proven with Magnetic Viewing Film.