DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

Temperature reading with a very user friendly interface has an appeal other than just aesthetics. Even if it’s somewhat of a gadget it undeniably has some practical use. I wouldn’t really compare it to leds in that way.

A second point (that i’ve mentioned before) is that the general public wants more implant diversity. RFID alone has its uses but is not necessarily attractive to the general public for now. Magnets are cool but the concept sensing might be a little too abstract for new comers and does not have a life enhancing argument.

On the other hand “monitor your temperature with your phone” that’s a very different sales pitch. And we know health is one of these things that people will agree with without much resistance.

Think of it this way. If you tell a random person “I have a magnet to feel magnetic fields” they will think “to feel what??”
If you tell them “I have a chip to open my door” they will think “ok cool, my door is not equiped for that”
Tell them “I scan my chest with my phone to get my temperature” thay will think “huh, I have a phone, I could do that”.

Also they have a clean client facing app and branding, that counts. People are willing to pay for iphones so branding and looks definitely count.


The BeUno wirjed perfect with my S8+ and wuth my refurbished A50.
The reader from the S20+ is very weak - too weak getting my body tempersture.

I love the implant got it about 13 month ago.


Hi all!

For those of you who complainted (rightfully) about the required app to read the BeUno implant and the fact the source code of the app is not available, be aware that DsRuptive will soon release a SDK to access the data.

However it seems it can only access the data stored in their cloud, not directly from the implant:


Yea this doesn’t satisfy me

Back to square 1, if they decide to sell, fold or stop their business for any reason… implant becomes junk

What is this based on? I don’t see that in the post. It makes sense for the API but what’s the sdk supposed to do if it doesn’t read the implant?

Implant Nr.5, my BeUno, is in.
Dont have the app yet, at which point did you get access to the app?


Contact DsRuptive, they’ll send you a link to the app in the appstore for your device.

Hey, I have an older version beUno (never scanned, never implanted, don’t ask me how) that Disruptive said to not use because they will send a new improved one.
I’m getting and implanting the new one in June.
But I still want to scan and hack that older one. My question is can I use two beUnos with the same (google) account?
My plan was to use two accounts one for each because I don’t want to mess up my new official one but maybe they’ve implemented support for multiple chips and I can’t see it yet.
Also can I link a beUno to an account and then delete the account and swap? In that case I’ll just make a temporary one.

It’s ok with iPhone?

Works on both yes.

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I got accepted into the Beta, and my email communication with the representative basically told me i am out of luck. were you able to successfully get it shipped stateside?

I had the same issue as you unfortunately