DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

thx :slight_smile:

its also so intresting, how different your body temperature is


How consistent are you measuring as far as time of day or in regards to your circadian rhythm?

Your temperature tends to fluctuate a predictable pattern throughout your sleep wake cycle

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maybe this helps

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Thanks for the pictures. But be careful. I don’t know if DSruptive is okay with such simple pictures/screenshots getting posted. A week ago I asked them if I am allowed to post such photos on insta and they said that they don’t want that for now but maybe after the beta phase has ended.

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Shipping payed and nda signed.


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i think in the board here its ok, not so public then instagram

Yeeeeees !!!


I know this is an old topic, sorry for that…

I’ve been approved for the beta program and want to check with the people who had it implanted for a while how it is going. Pros and cons, maybe?

I’ve heard flipper zero can read the temperature, is there someone that could confirm this?

many thanks!

No cons for me. Except for the need to use a special app, but the app is quite well done and DSRuptive listens to feedback.

With the latest update of the implant firmware, it reads quite well and fast.

The Flipper Zero can read the xBT but not the BeUno.


Has anyone dug into how data is formated when scanning a beUno and how hackable that would be? There’s no way the implant itself does any kind of decent encryption right? Or is simply password protected for read?

I do have a spare one but haven’t played around with it

I’d like to see someone throw their phone into airplane mode and see if the app still works

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Yes, it works. :sunglasses:

The phone was in plane mode but the screenshot tool doesn’t capture the status bar.


I must be missing something: why would I pay €249 (+ installation fee) to beta test a fancy thermometer?

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For the same reason most of us have implants. Or even tattoos. What a dumbass question ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Here is your answer :sweat_smile:

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Same idea for the LED part of the xSIID. What the purpose of the LED except being fancy?

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I ask myself that every day, but the #blinkygang cannot be dissuaded


pretty snarky there snarkbe :slight_smile: … its a legit question. Everyone has different aspects they are interested in. I personally didn’t have any blinkies for the longest time… now that I do I don’t really care hah… function over form for me :slight_smile:


Can’t stop won’t stop