DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

I strongly doubt that. But VivoKey has private info on a lot of people (e.g. because they entered it in their profile).
VivoKey might collect usage patterns or stuff like that, probably have stuff like device info, IPs in some logs?

GDPR Rosco, it all has to be opt in. I guess this is more about VK services like the vault was.

The “material profit” seems to cover that? Idk, not a lawyer.

Oh no, hope you’ll get through that soon.

Rosco, can you please not use hateful slurs kthanks, plenty of other words you could use to convey the same meaning of your sentence without denigrating people with disabilities.

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Hello there! :raising_hand_man:t3:

I haven’t read the full thread yet, just skimmed through it a little bit. But for those interested in the BeUno Beta Program, I am one of the people who got a beta invite. But before I bought the beta kit I’ve had some questions myself. They got properly answered by the DSruptive team and now I’d like to share some info with you:

    • You’ll be able to use the implant and the app after the beta program with all its functionalities.
    • The app works in offline mode. If you’re without internet connection or anything you can still read your temperature values and use other features.
    • Once you connect back it’ll go to the cloud, so no worries on that. (They recommend to use it online to get the best experience.)
    • The implant is yours. After the beta phase it’s your decision to keep it or extract it. There’s no obligation to remove it afterwards.

I hope that someone finds that helpful. :blush:
Gonna share more info when my implant got installed (and if I’m allowed to).

Wanna know something specific?
Just leave a reply, and maybe I can help out with it.


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Welcome and thanks for sharing.

Let us know when you have been implanted.
Photos and videos are always welcome.

I don’t think we have seen any of a. actual install yet

It would be worth your time to read through the whole thread, there is some very relevant and useful information in here for you


I also applied and have been accepted, just need to wait for them to contact the piercing studio here.

The data retention/privacy is a super interesting discussion. especially when we are talking about implants. I don’t have a direct issue with closed source aslong as they remain transparent about a few things.

  • They are extremely clear over what they do/who they sell your data too.
  • They have a good/reliable support team. meaning that if it breaks, they replace it. With no/minimal cost. If there is a bug or breaking problem that they fix it asap
  • and the last most important one. Is IF they go bankrupt/out of business or EOL they app/product that they then opensource it.

IMO if they can/do these things then they are atleast trustworthy enough to git it a shot.


Well that’s terribly disappointing… Do they really expect their customers not to want to hack this thing?


I’m assuming that they won’t release anything for it until the beta test is over. Make sure they have a good beta test with no sources of outside problems, and only focus on the development they need to. If the beta test goes well and they decide to continue production, then hopefully they’ll open it up so people can make their own tools for analysing their temp, or setting alerts to trigger, etc.

I really hope so but they might go for a “you can oly use our implants with our proprietary tools” which is worrying me. “Might be available” is not very promising


I’m usually pessimistic, but I read that as “It may be available in the future, depending on if the beta test goes well.”
But you’re right, there is the chance for them to go completely the other way, but I think that would set their rep back big time. Hopefully they know that, and hopefully they have the best intentions. Only time will tell.

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i have only pictures from the install , and I’m not sure if i’m qllowed to post thrm, because you can see something from the breast

Feel free to share if you are comfortable to do so.
Also you can use the blur function if you woukd like to


whrn I’m online via my computer i can upload them, I xan also send you the pictures via PM.

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