DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

It’s not even the cost,

It’s the principle and air of them, I get the vibe that they are the ones who would ghost if it benefited them, gutting implants in the process since it’s proprietary

In short I don’t feel like I trust them


I happen to know DSruptive people rather well and I can tell you you’re mistaken. They genuinely are good people, and they genuinely try to make a good product, not to shaft you.

The BeUno app being private is because it’s still in development, and also because they don’t want the thing reverse-engineered the minute it becomes publicly available - which, in fact, I’m not sure it ever will be: I mean why would they make it available to people who don’t wear a BeUno implant after all?

I’m okay with that. I don’t see a problem there.

However, good people though they are, I think they’re making a mistake with the data collection thing. I’m hoping they’re doing it only during the beta phase, to fine-tune their correction algorithm. But I’m not holding my breath. When the product is finalized and offered to the general public, I think they’ll keep doing it, and the only reason for doing it is monetization.

You know me: I find data collection for that purpose particularly heinous. I hope they’re not basing their business model on that particular kind of revenue stream. If they do, it’ll be quite sad.


Is that just a copper wire wrapped in a circle?
Would this also work with an iPhone 13 mini ?
Because that’s where the RFID reader is at the top near the back of the speaker.

If you’re referring to my craptastic range extender, kind of. I mean it’s not just copper wire coiled any which way. It’s vaguely tuned to 15.56 MHz - well enough to work anyway.

Out of memory, it’s two 50-mm diameter, 5-turn, 24-gauge enameled copper wire coils connected together with a couple feet of 14 ga el-cheapo household electrical cord. Lengthen or shorten the electrical cord for best performances :slight_smile: But i’ll measure it exactly when I’m back home. Right now I’m out fishing.

Well, I know I’m not supposed to reply to a deleted post, but I will leave this here anyway: you didn’t get the APK from me, so I didn’t break my NDA :slight_smile:

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Hell yeah!

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Now I know why no one wants to send me anything, you guys are under NDA xD

Wasn’t too invested in BeUno actually, I just wanna see what data they collect so I need the app.
My original goal of having a privacy friendly variant was solved by you already:

In the end I’ll probably have to get one to really play with it.

Well, you can have this, it is not BeUno.apk

But Bueno.apk is close…but not very helpful unless you want to stream IPTV :wink:

I am assuming Bueno is good :smiley:

Yeah this doesn’t help when you wanna find files about them.
Mostly got typos of bueno…

This is so weird. I can barely tolerate vendor lock in for something like a phones OS, but implants?
How weird is that?
I’d be much much more comfortable with open source stuff, where I pay for the quality control and support.
It really irritates me. Even VK is way too closed source for my liking.
If DSRuprive can’t make any money if their app would be open source, then their product sucks.
We’re talking about fricking implants, we can not have the same shady biz practices as in chinese smartwatches.
Like, it sounds actually dystopic.
The only sensor implant rn now needs a cloud connected app which no one’s ever seen.

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Haha, me too, hence the link…which you probably saw also.

I wonder if it is only during Beta testing :man_shrugging:

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Interesting to see where this is all going, and I’m happy to see that privacy is a concern here :wink:

This is exactly my point when it comes to ovulation monitoring - it’s very private medical data. If they actually sell it, companies might know about my cycle - so I might encounter ads for tampons or pads in the “fitting” time? Condoms, for the time when I am definitely fertile? Chocolate or meds for PMS? And that’s just the ads, who knows what else might happen with my data. That’s just not very comforting.
And it’s not just ovulation monitoring - like Rosco said, there are tons of sicknesses that start with a increase or decrease of temperature. That, especially combined with location tracking, is some serious thing…

Ideal thing would be an open source app that comes with the implant, and an implant that’s just more expensive. A truly open source temp implant, readable by my phone and without accounts, tracking and whatever? I’d happily pay more than 200 bucks for it… and I might not be alone :wink:


I’m not happy with that but at least they don’t need internet. (NXP chips in general, PAYs obvi do)

this is pretty cool, I don’t quite see how my GPS is important for that yet but I see how it might be helpful.
Honestly, this is worse than I thought :sweat_smile:

That would make sense if their implant is secure, which I hope it’s not.

This is the first InternetOfShit implant.

No one really wants that. And it’s not a requirement.
VK could just as well have open chips and let us register our own applets which we installed elsewhere.
Heck even Mastercard could allow that.
I know they wont but it’s just politics, technically no one here needs a locked implant.

It’s just sad that the FIRST company to do such a product instantly jumps to the dystopic Apple like behaviour which fanatics feared would happen if this tech exists.


If a product depends on a service to work and i can’t provide that service myself or there is an open market for it is a reason for me to not buy said product.
One reason is privacy, i’m not a fan of companies selling my data for additional money if it’s a product i paid for, i happily pay a few bucks more to keep it private.

The other reason is that i tend to use a product as long as it physically works and fits my needs. Too many times some company decides that a service is end of life. Happened to numerous smart home devices and stuff, all depending on a cloud service. After a few years, the company ceases to exists, gets bought or shuts down the service some other reason. Now your perfectly functioning device turns into e-waste.

Something as permanent as an implant doesn’t play in favor of a cloud-dependent device.


well, apparently once you have your account you can disable the internet access of the app, so I guess it will continue to work even if DSruptive dies tomorrow

That would mean, as long as it’s installed, a (temporary) outage wouldn’t matter or can you export everything, including the account?


Interesting conversation here about privacy and data collection and big data.

Since there are people here with strong opinions, who better to recruit? Let’s work on a community-based collaborative terms and conditions for VivoKey subscription services! My goal here is to enshrine the following promise;

VivoKey will never share data collected from its members in the process of providing subscription services with any third party for material profit. Data may only be shared with partners in due course of providing said services.



I had a solid case of strep last week, and still haven’t fully recovered… a bit of a dry cough… which isn’t really a strep thing… but there’s also cottonwood EVERYWHERE… and I think I’ve developed a slight allergy to it as every year I get this cough

I did a real pcr test when I had my strep confirmed to get some antibiotics, maybe I should do another rapid since it’s been a while