DSRuptive BeUno open beta (EU only)

Well for the time being, I can’t even get it… since they won’t ship to the states :roll_eyes:

Look at the bright side: you can get your DT implants quick and cheap. I pay 90 euros in shipping + import tax + VAT and wait for 3 weeks.

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True… I am fortunate with DT

But even slow is better than not at all

They also only ship to installers

No, they shipped it to my home. But when I exchanged emails with them, they asked about the installer and contacted him to let him know that he’d have to do an implantation of a BeUno.

Thats not what it said on there site the last time I checked. I want one but won’t be paying to get it installed, maybe I’ll try get one if that’s the case

Consider paying if you’re not used to the skin on the torso. It’s quite different from the skin on the hands and arms. I did a self-install in my chest, it was super hard, and while the glassie went where I intended it to end up at, it dove into the fat under the skin over several months.

Likewise, the xBT under my armpit has gone deep too over time. I can’t find it anymore. I know it’s there because it’s long range and it replies to my animal scanners, but I don’t know where it physically is.

I only implant stuff in my torso or back with a dermal elevator now.

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The S20+ is also crap - difficult to read my xSIIDs without the case. onky the flexchips work

my S8+ works perfect :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have doubts it will be accurate enough.

There are other methods for tracking this that are more accurate but more expensive.

Mouth? This is not how I’ve seen a basal thermometer ever used.

Sorry, but this reminded me of the old joke…

What’s the difference between an oral and an anal thermometer?

It’s a matter of taste.


Why not? Like I said, I don’t need my core temp or anything. I just measure my temperature every day on the same spot (oral, rectal or vaginal - and guess what’s most convenient…) for three minutes and take a look at when the temperature curve rises a bit. That’s all, and it doesn’t matter if the temperature goes from 36 degrees to 37 or from 35 to 36. The rise in temperature is the thing that’s important.

Well, my body was on the verge of rejecting this one for almost two weeks, because I got it installed as shallow as possible and it really is very, VERY shallow. But now I’m 99% certain it’s here to stay: the blood has finally started to flow again in the thin layer of skin over it. So that’s a win :slight_smile:

But boy is it now my most visible implant or what!


Use this:

Or, if you don’t want the application to sit there trying to connect for ages, use this:

then in Advanced settings > Configure additional hosts, add beuno.es to the blacklist:

Then Reload filter, then Restart:

This is less easy than Netguard. But with Personal DNS filter, the app will actually talk to a host ( aka localhost) whenever it tries to talk to the mothership, and whatever connection it attempts will fail immediately, making the app much more responsive. Personal DNS filter emulates modifying /etc/hosts with a local VPN, i.e. without having to root the phone, if you’re interested in the technical details.


An implant that shallow makes me nervous. I wonder what the risk of rejection is if the glassie ends up in the dermis instead of the fascia?

It is not in the fascia. It’s in one of the lower layers of the dermis or something. I’m not a dermatologist so I don’t know the details, but my installer told me the skin on the trunk has more layers than the skin on the arms and legs, and he often installs implants shallower there to prevent them from migrating and diving into the fat under the fascia. That’s what happened with my first BeUno actually: my installer had the hardest time fishing it out.

At any rate I know for a fact that the skin is different there, because I self-implanted a glassie in my chest and it was really super tough. I’ve sewn cured leather that was less tough than that.

Anyhow, my BeUno is in that layer now and looks like it’ll stay there. My flexEM too was implanted very shallow in my back, for the same reason, and the skin over it stayed blue for many months. Even now, the skin is still discolored, but at least it looks like blood is flowing in it now. I had to baby the flexEM for a long time because it too threatened to be rejected at any time.

I’m still looking for the app .apk btw… maybe @anon3825968 ^^?

It’s not public. You’re only given access to it by DSruptive when you buy the implant.

The more I read about this the more I question it I want to get in bed with them…

I get the standard “fuck you, we’re a corp and know what’s best and don’t care about your thoughts or wants” vibe

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The way I see it, it’s 200 euros for something technically interesting. Technically interesting things are my hobby. The day I’m bored with it, I can always remove it. No biggie.

So it all comes down to whether a 200 euro one-off is too much money for the fun or the service it provides to you.

As a product, I’m on the fence with that one: the promise of being able to read your temperature with any old cellphone isn’t totally fulfilled: you need a special app and you need to train it, and you need a cellphone with a healthy enough NFC frontend to actually read the damn thing. And the way the app is setup, on top of that, you need to log in and it needs an internet connection and yada yada - which is utterly ridiculous.

In other words, it’s only mildly more useful than a LF Destron Fairing (aka DT xBT) that requires a dedicated reader, because I happen to carry the BeUno’s dedicated reader around with me anyway (my cellphone). Other than that, the Destron Fearing has the upper hand in my opinion.

But… the BeUno provides good amusement value to me, and I don’t have children waiting for their inheritance money. So 200 euros is worth it I reckon.


A good temperature-sensing implant would need to be a Flex, do the correction itself after calibration / training (i.e. no dedicated app to do it) and report it using an NDEF (plain text or URL).

@Amal - hint hint :slight_smile: