DT Forum doesn’t support VivoKey and 2 factor at the same time!

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing the same as I am, a while ago we figured out that if you have 2 factor turned on for your account, that the link buttons for VivoKey don’t show up. Odd quirk, but I sort of forgot about it being an iOS user and there not being an iOS app.

Now that it’s in the App Store (great work @RyuuzakiJulio) I had another play.

I turned off 2 factor, linked my VivoKey account, then turned on 2 factor again - and when I tried to log in with VivoKey, it told me that I had to use my password because I set up 2 factor…

Love the VivoKey option, but seems to be an oversight that I have to make my password more vulnerable as an attack vector to get the high security mode to work :confused:

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Interesting… I think it has to do with how discourse works… I don’t think this is something we can force off within the plugin


Fair enough, documented here for you reference

From this guide

I don’t even have a DT forum account :joy: can only sign in with VivoKey app and my Spark 2. Been using it since I got the Auths working on iPhone about a year ago.