eGeetouch Smart Travel Padlock

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I buy it, but i cannot use my xNT.
On configure option i can create a new tag but i need input TAG ID. The tag id i 4 alpha (ex 3D93 < the litle tag join with che padlock).
If i read my xNT i find only the serial numer (7x2 hex)
Thank you

Reading the post about compatibility i buy also one Smart Padlock but i find the same problem.
The tag ID (join with Padlock) i 4 alpha (61FA or 1A22).
Eh ere can i find the same ID of mi xNT?
Thank you

I had the same problem - I ordered it from You need to synchronise the lock with your phone - it doesn’t work. I write to the support from egeetouch. The answered me, that amazon sold the old locks - and they are not compatible with the new smartphones. I write them, that I had the S8+ So I send it back.
I think I will order the lock from the offical website.

Yes… it seems that these locks do not have much process consistency during manufacture… some work, most do not. I will be removing it from the product compatibility list now.

I would phone or get amazon on the live chat and explain. They’re pretty good at refunding things outside of their return window.