Electrolysis Hair removal

OK so apparently my technician is really paranoid about the fact that I have implants and they are told that they’re not allowed to do electrolysis on anyone with any type of implant because the electricity goes through your whole body? Seems silly. Anyways, the hair removal should be fine with magnets and implants and stuff, right?

Afaik there isn’t any concern. I’ve had electrolysis before but plan to have a few future sessions. Can’t imagine there is any issues and your tech is just erring on the side of caution or liability.

There are lots of threads about electricity on this forum. Someone even made a video of directly zapping an implant with a violet wand, and it was fine.
I’ll let you know on the 10th though, as I have an electrolysis appointment.




So electrolysis is a bit different because you are sticking a needle into the hair follicle. I wouldn’t risk doing electrolysis directly over a flex implant.

But if the implant is a totally different part of the body from where you are having electrolysis done (ie implant in hand, electrolysis on face), then definitely it wont matter.


the only risk really would be the needle potentially piercing the flex implant, however electrolysis needles are not sharp from what i understand… they are meant to seat into the follicle and make contact with the root so the jolt of electricity specifically fries the root on its way into the body.

The electricity itself will not be an issue for the implant, flex or otherwise.

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This is correct. There are different types of electrolysis, but they generally use a combination of electricity and heat to destroy a hair follicle. The needles should never be inserted deeply enough to mess with an implant.

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I’m getting this done regularly, and neither implants nor piercings are any problem for this. There are some people who plainly refuse to do it if you have piercings / implants, but that’s due to misinformation.

When I had my hand surgery, the doctors asked me to remove all (!) my piercings, because if they had to cauterize a blood vessel, it could lead to serious burns around every piercing on my body - that’s plain bs, and I knew it… so I refused to remove my stuff and everything went fine. My electrolysis lady on the other hand is totally fine with my piercings, because she knows how this stuff works - I even have a piercing very close to the area she’s working at, and it’s never been a problem at all.

Set aside that electrolysis is a sort of pain I really dislike… no problems with getting tattoos or scarification, but that stuff… ugh. Wrong setting for me, and thus really uncomfortable :woman_shrugging:

I wonder if they even could pierce skin if they tried to - the needles are so thin, I doubt they could break skin at all…


Right?!? It’s really bad. I have a pretty high pain tolerance. No problem with my tattoos or implants, but electrolysis is something special. I’ve been in tears in the chair more than once. I’ve had to go every other week for the last 6 months. I’m almost DONE!

This is why I prefer laser hair removal to electrolysis.

I tried it. It’s much better! But my red-tinted hair doesn’t respond to it enough for the full removal that I need. :cry:

Shame, i am slowly in a similar boat as my black hair is agressively becoming less black.

I’m so glad I’m no the only person with this problem/concern. I am currently getting laser hair removal, I haven’t gotten to doing my hands where the implants are but I was afraid I’d be the only person wondering if they were going to be an issue. I wouldn’t think it would be an issue but it would be just like me to end up playing first line fuck around and find out lol. Good to know electrolysis won’t be a problem either as I might need to follow up with that in some areas.


Electrolysis is a direct laser current while laser hair removal is an IPL light pulse (iirc) I think that laser hair removal should be absolutely no problem and you should be in the clear! Also, just so you know, if you’re willing to put in a bit of extra time at home laser hair removal sets work pretty good! I was just freaked out using them near my thyroid. Which is why I decided to go with electrolysis although the lady was super paranoid, probably due to insurance, and all my logic went out the window, thinking about getting the electrolysis in my chin, and thinking about my hand :joy:

The at home laser hair removal options out there are IPL (Intense Pulse Light) machines aren’t true lasers as they produce light in a broad range of wavelengths. The laser hair removal machines used in “professional” settings typically tend to be either a 755nm alexandrite laser or a 1064nm nd:yag laser. Both can be equally effective depending on your use case and expectations.

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