Embed <5 byte image in vcf on NFC Tag

Hi has anybody experimented in storing a <5 byte image in form of jpg,gif,png on a vcf and then write it on NFC 216 label later. I just need a small 2x2 pixel color square embedded in NFC without any external reference like URL,Links etc.This is for a LORA based project.

  1. Have tried the following encode64 and is of no use

has anybody taken the smartposter ndef approach or custom data approach,keen to have inputs from others who have tried or keen on trying


Images tend to have a magic number at the start to identify the format - Most of these are longer than 5 bytes. Some examples: File Magic Numbers · GitHub

In almost all cases, you’d be better off just encoding the data in those bytes and reading it - you could always display it with another app.

The whole issue is not in identification but in processing it within Vcf formatting… An embedded example of a jpeg or png or gif in a vcf would help

I think these links may help you

And more Specifically this one with the webp image

Would love to here more about this