EMV Payment Chip Conversion

This may have been asked and discussed already, and if it has I’m sorry. Without going into any detail at all, I need to be able to convert my debit card down to just the chip. I would prefer to be able to have the antenna on the back of the chip, that way tap to pay works. It doesn’t need to be an implant tho. Just having my card converted to just a tap to pay chip.

Does this company do this with their Payment Device Conversion Service? I’m a little confused on how it’s worded in the listing for it. Again, tap to pay MUST be able to work.

The fact that it doesnt need to be implantable, might make it a little easier/ faster / cheaper;
@Satur9 MIGHT be able to help you, he’s been working on some prototype options

Can you take a photo of just the chip?
And one with a torch behind it ( to show the wire connections )
I can’t link you to the most relevant thread about it, you would need to join the club for that,


This thread should give you a better idea of what I am referring to.

There’s a bunch of stuff in this thread, but heres probably a good place to start

Does your debit card currently have tap to pay? There’s not really anything you can do to add it if it doesn’t have it.

If you want I have a small (32 x 12mm) flex PCB that can work with the chips in certain kinds of cards to make them tap to pay in a smaller form factor. It would be difficult to do chip insert after you do that though.

Like pilgrimsmaster said, you would need to take a picture of just the contact interface (metal pads) of your debit card and share it so we can determine if it’s the right kind of card for that.


Yes, why would I have said that tap to pay must be able to work if it doesn’t have it?

Why do y’all have to determine anything? I don’t need to have anyone determine anything for me. I know what I’m talking about. My post isn’t confusing. I clearly state what I want to do. And I even asked a question. Does anyone read a whole post before commenting, ever?

I can’t believe I have to repeat what my post says.

I want to be able to convert my card down to just the chip and I want to have the antenna either on the back of the chip or however I need to so that tap to pay can still work. I also asked if this company, which is dangerousthings.com, does this work with tap to pay cards with their chip conversion service?

Satur9 tried to help you out. There’s no plug n play option for tap to pay cards. There’s a bunch of different setups that different tap to pay cards use. In order for someone knowledgeable like Satur9 to be able to answer you question, you need to provide details about the chip on the card. Not all tap to pay cards can be converted.


You are the first person to actually say any of that. All Satur9 did was ask if it was tap to pay and to take a picture so they could determine if it was.

I don’t want to insert it. I will be using the tap to pay function only for the rest of the life of the card.

This company offers a payment chip conversion service. Has it been done with tap to pay cards?

That is what everyone is talking about. The conversion service takes the chip out of the card, off the giant tap to pay antenna the size of the card, and attaches a small antenna.
However, there are different types of chips used in tap to pay cards. Some of them are too difficult to remove the antenna without damaging the chip. In order to tell you if the conversion service could work, we need to see a picture of the chip.


Lol. Again, you are literally the only person who has said any of this. No one said anything about the conversion service. The way the comments are being made is as if he’s doing something else too and could help me.

Either one of these two cards. They are solid and no light can pass through so I can’t show the wires.

You’ll have to put a flashlight up to the chip and take a photo so we can see the metal contact pads on the chip.

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neither of those cards appear to use CoM unfortunately

The white US bank card is the correct type for me to be able to miniaturize it. It has that small trace on the middle right pad that indicates it is a Coil on Module (CoM) card.

I didn’t mean to agitate you, I’m just trying to help. There’s just a lot of information and context around what you were asking, and I didn’t want to infodump and confuse.

The conversion service that Dangerous Things offers is for converting specific types of cards into implants by encapsulating them in a body safe plastic. At the moment this option I’m presenting isn’t available through the conversion service, and you probably wouldn’t want to if it was because you’d be paying for encapsulation you’re not planning to use.

I can send you one of these resonant repeater flex PCBs that you can use to accomplish what you’re asking for. You would need to stick that card in acetone, and after ~30 minutes you should be able to pull the contact interface out of the plastic, exposing the little antenna on the back. The PCBs I made have adhesive on the back, so you can stick the contact interface to it like you see in those pictures above and it will work like a card (but with reduced read range).

The PCBs are a bit flimsy (intentionally, because they’re made to be turned into implants), so I recommend after all that is done you stick the PCB to something rigid or encase it in something for strength.

These PCBs did cost a lot to develop, so I would have to charge 15USD + shipping over PayPal for them. Anybody else who wants one I’m willing to do the same arrangement.


You could always try disolving the card and then attaching your own antenna, but capacitance is your issue here. Every IC need an antenna of a different capacitance so you’d have to make a new antenna that matched the one in of your card.

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How about you chill the fuck out clown, you come here to ask help with something you clearly don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, then when someone is trying to help you, despite the fact that you depend on our inference of your poorly written post, you act like a complete dipshit.


Sure thing. :+1: lol

I’ll message you later tonight Satur9

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comes out of retirement just to unload on this guy … love it.

If you don’t want to go into any detail, then the simple answer is no. You’re stepping into a somewhat technical forum asking a question about a technical process which requires more information to answer, and right up front you’re saying you don’t want to give any information… and then get sassy when the bare minimum questions are asked to determine if it’s even possible with the specific card you are trying to do this with… if @Satur9 wants to help you out that’s great, but best keep your attitude in check.