Enhancing Hitag2 support on Proxmark3

Just released a new video showcasing the latest enhancements to #Proxmark3 for #Hitag2 support.

Watch here!


That is some amazing work, Thank you.

A few years ago, I looked at the “gone in 360 seconds” research doc, with the intention of grabbing myself an

but I got stuck, and ended up going down a completely different path

After your great work, It looks like the xHT might be worth another attempt.

FYI @Iceman, it looks like your video cut short and abruptly, is there a part 2 coming or an extended edit?

Everybody else
if you can, you should consider supporting IceMan
Obviously, not just for this great Hitag work, but all he does for the community

IceMan Patreon



it’s worth noting the xHT hitagS is different than the hitag2


… sigh…

Youtube editor is not living up to my expectations right now.
Last 4 minutes is cut off…

I totally understand why you got stuck. I did too way back in time.
This time however I pushed on through and made things work.

Thanks for the love!


Latest video

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