Eventually, Israel, walletmor?

Well I plant to make aliyah to Israel, and I seen dangerous things has a meeting point of professional peircers there I was planning on getting a walletmor in the forehead when I get there. So if anyone would like to join I’ll keep an update on here.

probably recommended you try to use it attached to your forehead before you implant it, to make sure you happy with the dragging your face around the POS terminal looking for the sweet spot


That’s some serious commitment to the mark of the beast right there


It’s your body, your money, your choice, and Im not saying you shouldn’t do it, but i really think you should listen to @Eriequiet 's advice

Having a payment implant myself for …approaching 2 years, I have been lucky with the terminals I have common to me, and the placment on my hand is convenient with little to no contorsion required.
However, I am trying to imagine how I would pay with my forehead on the terminals, especially the ones on counters, behind perspex ( Thanks :microbe: )
On top of that, you are putting your face where people put their hands that have been :man_shrugging:

Again, its your choice, But I would hate for you to regret your decision, without at least giving the placement some serious thought.

At the end of the day you can remove it and try another location if it doesnt work



@Satur9’s next QA Test…



Also gotta test for face palm durability since your fingers may end up on your forehead during a facepalm. I’d be willing to perform the facepalm durability test for a free implant Satur9. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll volunteer to be Will Smith for a few seconds…


After the past few fights I’ve had to break up at the bar I work at, I wouldn’t mind someone helping me to work on my glass jaw XD

If David says by the holy spirit I am a worm and no man. What do you think it means in the revelation no man might buy or sell unless he had the mark of beast. Now what that means to mean practicing Judaism and Christianity means that I am no man and I can buy or sell and if I have the mark of beast I couldn’t. That’s what that means I’d by no means take alliance with the punk bitch beast and his false spitting serpent. I love the truth and actually named these things whip em or wpm’s and I’ve overthrown the beasts plans in doing so. Please don’t get offended.



Oh I’m not offended. Ave Satanas


There is one professional piercer in TLV, that installs implants. He installed me.
He said he won’t do flex types for now.

Any way, if he does, it sounds like a bad idea.

Why would it be a bad idea I need it in the forehead. I like the idea of bowing to Jesus of Nazareth or the wordprocessor 1128 in Gematria. For when bargaining as a witness to my faithfulness in Messiah!’ no man might buy or sell save he who had the mark of beast. In psalms David writes I am a worm and no man dispised by the people a reproach u to my neighbors. So I like bearing witness in the light.

Are you still considering installing a Walletmor in the forehead?

Personally, It still sounds very impractical to me, or are you doing it purely as a “mark of the beast”?

Have you instead considered an NDEF capable implant and using it like a modern day tefillin with a Prayer written to it?

Or would that be against the use of electrical devices on Shabbat?

I’m a little lost trying to follow some of your threads/posts and also not very familiar with Jewish practices which I’m sure doesn’t help my understanding

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I’ll admit I’m also lost aswell,

Very Christian, but wants mark of the beast? But doesn’t like the beast?

Near as I can tell he’s saying that he’s not a man,
But In fact a worm… so the whole bit about the mark of the beast doesn’t apply? Since it speaks of men?

But it doesn’t actually fit the definition of the Mark, since it’s not mandatory, not required for anything, isn’t the number 666, and isn’t exactly a mark per se

End of the day,
You do you, I’m not criticizing… just not following


Or naw I’m not going to get it. I was thinking possibly but naw. Not my thing

I talked to Jesus and he said it was a go.


I mean, it’s your body but I’d recommend getting it implanted in one of your hands or near the wrist. After all, getting an implant that’s hard to use doesn’t make much sense.

Sure, you could always mount a reader at eye level at your house but I’d recommend getting as much functionality as possible out of an implant.


Any updates? :nail_care: