Examples of problematic installations

This post will detail a collection of videos that highlights installation issues. Some are videos of professional installers, some are novice DIYers… but all deserve comment.

The primary issue with most questionable installations is cross-contamination. Many people do not respect the sterile field, and contaminate everything from drape to injection site. The first things we notice is that the table is not adequately sized, which makes cleanly working in a sterile field very difficult.

The end of this post does have a walk-through video. It is not meant as a “how-to”, but as an educational video for our professional partners. We strongly encourage our customers to contact a local professional.

Problematic Install #1

This first video is of a professional body piercer who definitely has issues with cross-contamination.

Problematic Install #2

There are multiple problems with the procedure. Primarily, the injection angle was wrong, and the needle went way too deep into tissue. The wide swath of tissue being squeezed up, vs the skin being tented upward, likely contributed to the final needle depth. The tag ended up being injected much too deeply, well below the fascia layer between dermis and muscle tissue.

Professional Walkthrough

Here is my self-produced professional walk-through. It is not meant as a how-to guide, it is meant to communicate correct procedural technique. I still make assumptions about your professional skills and provide this video as a guide for licensed professionals only.

Installation Event

I performed a series of installations on volunteers as part of a promotional event.

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