Excited to get a new implant!

Who’s doing the install for you if you don’t mind me asking? I’m still looking for someone in California to install my Titan when it arrives. Maybe if they do x series installs they’d be able to install my Titan? I’ve reached out to a few body modders in CA and they either don’t do magnet implants, or they’ll only install magnets that they sell.


I wonder how the conversation of, “those aren’t exactly safe” would go/change their stance

I’m going to Body Exotic in San Jose. He said he’ll only do the x series implants. Nothing with scalpel work or sutures.

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That’s what I figured :sweat:. I have one last body modder to ask that was suggested to me but I can’t find any way to contact them.

You never know who knows who you want to know, ya know…

If you can share their name/ business etc. Somebody here may know how to contact them

I just talked to Pokt Piercing in San Jose and she said she does them but is currently out of medical supplies so it’ll be a bit of a wait. She’s pretty responsive on Instagram @poktpiercing

Best of luck to you! I self installed (not recommended) a xG3 V1 in my middle finger, but it wasn’t too painful in my experience. I’ll be looking forward to hearing about your experience if you’ll share them with us.

Edit: Not recommended refers to the self install not the location.

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She does Titan installs? If so that’s awesome! I’m not in a hurry so I can wait for her to get her supplies.

I think so, but you can reach out to her. She’s been really nice!

My installer recommended that I try the chips before implantation. I don’t want to open the package and I can’t get a read through the bag and needle. Is there a way to test before getting them implanted?

Unfortunately not, the needle prevents reading them inside the injector. But good idea on not opening the package, as that would compromise its sterility.

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Well, I trust Amal, so I’m sure they’re fine. Let’s do this!


we do test each one before they go into the needle but the sterilization process involves heat that can take a marginal defect in an antenna connection and cause it to completely fail. it is very very rare, but in any case if there is ever a problem with your implant, they all have a lifetime warranty and we will take care of you.


I was finally able to find some contact info and reach out to him. He said he’d install the Titan! I’ll just have to wait until he travels near me which might be a few months because he was just here recently. Maybe the Apex will be out by then and I can have him do multiple installs :grin:



All done! The installer didn’t want me to film the install but here are a couple of post install pics.




Congrats! I don’t want to rush you, but how was the installation process?

Not too bad! The xG3 in the finger SUCKED but it went pretty quickly. You’re a madman doing it yourself! Lol! The two in L0 and R0 were really easy. There’s a small amount of swelling and bruising this morning but I can still easily get a read out of the xSIID and the HF side of the NExT! I’m going to give the magnet a week before playing with it, just to let it get settled in.

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Will power has never been my strong point.