Exciting News, I'm in Washington State! BUT I need cyborg friends

Hey there borgs! I’m a vivokey spark 2, I’m in Washington State! looking for where the cool kids hang! even got Xrays on the gang haha let’s connect

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Well, I can’t promise I’m a cool kid, but I’m in Washington at least


Hey you have a jeep, you must be a cool kid.

1951 Jeep CJ3a The Bad Example (It used to belong to my father in law and was his racing jeep.

2002 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Beauty.

I don’t have a photo of the Beast at the moment (1976 CJ7)


Ooh, those sure are some pretty Jeeps!

I look forward to seeing pictures of the Beast!


I’m in Tacoma right now looking for work, would love a borg meet up guysssss! let’s make it happen? park or something.

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come see me! let’s borg meet up? I’m in the Tacoma area!

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Those go hard! which is your baby? haha

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Neither…all 3 of our jeeps belong to my wife.


i see the like! whats up with the meet up!

hahaha omg that’s cool, do you get to take them for spins ever!

I mostly drive Beauty as it is the daily driver. I do get to drive the others, although she prefers to drive Beast if we are taking it out (it has a V8 and custom exhausts, and is the only automatic).

The Bad Example is the coolest of the three but the worst to drive.

  1. It has had a Buick V6 engine swapped in, but the gas pedal has not been replaced so it is currently a shaft with a metal ball about 1cm in diameter on the end. Not so easy to use.
  2. The shift pattern is a standard H… But top left is R bottom left is 1 top right is 2 and bottom right is 3. So reverse where first would normally be.
  3. As well as the gear shift sticking up from the floor there is a high/low control, a transfer case shifter and a PTO shifter. The PTO is connected to an overdrive. So that is four knobs sticking up in between the seats.
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let’s meet up and scan each other :wink:

They sound cooler and cooler the more you describe them lol. Now you’re making me want to add a CJ to the collection again…

Do you take them out on the trails, or are they just for fun?

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I’d probably be down to meet in a park to talk and play some card games, I’m hoping we can find some other folks to join first though

hell yeah man I’m in Tacoma, let’s keep the post bumping to the top but no doubt i’m down to bro out you and me lmao. ILL BRING A WHOLE A** BOARD GAME LOL

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Trails ARE fun. The CJ3A is a racing jeep but I wouldn’t want to take it off road.

The CJ7 and the TJ are both built for off-road. But we haven’t taken them anywhere like Browns Camp Waterfall Trail.

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That’s what I like to hear!

That trail looks like good terrifying fun!

Well, if you ever end up in the Washington area with one or two of you Jeeps, and you’re lookin’ for some trail buddies or to do some show and tell just let me know!

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Hmm, maybe there just aren’t any other Washington cyborgs :’(

except this guy!!!

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