Fantastic shots of glow implant w/ pixel 6

There were taken with the Pixel 6’s night mode + astrophotography. Enjoy!


That looks amazing!!!


Where can i get these?
Also, how does the scar look like? Would it be possible to post “daylight” pictures?

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I believe this was a super custom flexnext, and it was requested to add glow powder to it,

The flexnext isn’t offered any longer due to antenna issues


Not the most beautiful scar but it’s less visible IRL. Sometimes people don’t even see it and ask me where it is


Is it possible to do that to other implants? Like add glow powder to a flexDF2/walletmor-style implant? Also, is it possible to encase powder alone? Or encase 3d-printing glow-filament?
This post sparked sooo many new ideas…

Thats a lot better than i expected. How old is that scar?


How does a bigger flex implant like that feel on the back of the hand? With the flexnext discontinued I hadn’t thought about getting something like that done for a while, but it looks sick!

You’d have to ask the big kahuna @amal

THIS could be an interesting approach to it,
I believe @Azflyer’s implant incorporated straight glow pigment… probably strontium aluminate… which I believe is the most powerful glow pigment currently

Amal doesn’t often share much of the flex encapsulation process, as it’s pretty trade secret voodoo special sauce…. But I would be surprised if trying to encapsulate a powder ISNT a pain

3D printing could make it geometry and material a bit more cooperative, like 3D printing inserts to fit into the pcb flex windows, or perhaps an exact footprint

The big thing is, that would be mostly plastic with a small amount of the glow powder in it, so it would be factors less bright and visable

Also, I would temper your expectations, remember AZ said that was with the phones psuedo night vision setting… so it’s possibly much brighter than it would appear to the naked eye…. As well it looks like it was charged with a flashlight seconds before the picture…

Real world is probably less spectacular,

But I’m interested
(I actually have some ideas/questionson on this if you are open to some discussion amal)


Afaik the powder was mixed to the resin that was used in this specific implant to make it more rigid in hope of extending the lifespan of the electronics.

It would also make it more uniform. As you might be able to see the glow is patchy and yes it was a pain to spread over the surface according to amal.

Lots to say about that:

When I go to bed at night and my eyes get used to the dark for a couple minutes I can see a clear green donut. It’s dim but definitely visible for at least an hour (I’ve always fallen asleep before it goes too dim to be visibe). This is without charging it with a flashlight (just with the ambient light during the whole day).

When you charge it with a flash light it gets very bright for 5 minutes (the videos are totally representative of that) . At that point it is strong enough to shine green light on another another object. Then there is a steep drop-off in luminosity. After 15-30 it back to the level I described in the previous scenario and stays there for a long long time.
For reference 5 minutes after taking the last photo (the photo lasts 5minutes itself so 10min after charging it) it was clearly visible through 4 layers of bedsheets.

As for photo 1 (holding the flashlight) it’s not representative, pure Google algorith magic.

In the videos the ambient light is slightly exaggerated but the implant is pretty much how it is IRL.

About 2 years I think :thinking:

I pretty much never feel it. For the first 6-10 months catching the edge on something was painful but it didn’t happen often enough to be annoying. Now it’s firmly stuck there and doesn’t move one bit.
Keep in mind this one has a hole in the middle. I’ve had both and the one with the hole is better.


That doesn’t sound bad at all actually, I might have to add something like that to my constantly growing ‘to-get’ list.

I wonder with the insert idea, if mixing the pigment in some sort of resin might work better than 3d-printing? I’ve seen glow pigments working really well mixed with epoxy, and it seems like you might be able to get it brighter than what I’ve seen from printer filament.

There’s lots of ideas, resin is one of them…

Problem is there’s a lot more snags and potential issues than we know about in the process

There’s a lot of cooks in amals kitchen trying to add a pinch of this or a pinch of that…

And then it makes Amal have to do more a lot more work etc

Just keep everything in perspective


Oh definitely, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes- just tossing ideas around.

I wasn’t saying that you are,

Just verbalizing a lot of us have a single little “simple thing” that often winds up being a lot more work than we think (myself included)

And it usually falls on Amal to actually do the work

So just trying to keep the enthusiasm a bit in check

For instance, adding addition pieces, or stiffness in certain locations, could cause stress risers or fatigue points… and kill the implant… so it’s all gotta be done slow and cautious like :+1:


How does this compare size-wise to something like the Apex Mega ( 22.6mm)?

About double, 42mm if I remember correctly. Also much thicker in the case of this one.

Did Amal tell you if the powder was in embedded in a resin, or simply inside the bio polymer shell?

Did you also go for the uv / blue leds? I feel like there was something

The powder was in a resin that was used to coat the tag an leds in hope to make them stronger. The three brighter sports you see are the resin bumps on top of each led. The polymer coating was added overtop. That’s why it’s thicker and stiffer than a standard flexNext.

That’s what I wondered,

Did your HF die like the rest?

Yes, even worse in fact. The tag died within the first month. The leds held on for a while but were dimer due to the tag being dead.
Now both are dead but I’m keeping for the glow. The glow is surprisingly better than I expected.

I went swimming at night and there was a bunch of bioluminescent plankton. My hand was shining amongst the plankton. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt with an implant tbh.


This is so fucking cool! I’d love to get a luminescent implant.

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