Finally got my order

Apologies, I should have said diagnosis not fault.

Hmmm, strange.

also I thought the lifestyle bundle had xEM controller…wait one
Haha, I just saw your edit :+1:

Can you confirm, and try the xEM controller if you haven’t.
It has a well tuned antenna for xEM / NExT.
if it doesnt work on that, I would suggest you contact Dangerous Things via

Could it be anything other than a faulty implant or some damage to it…?

I would say if it was working and nothing has changed, If Access cards are working on those same readers, then all indications point to damage/fault.

But can you confirm for me if you have tried the xEM access controller.

That will help diagnose the issue.
If it works then, it’s likely a coupling issue with other readers ( due to, position, orientation, depth, swelling…)
If it doesn’t work, then most unlikely but likely :thinking: it would point to a faulty xEM chip

Maybe I’ll be able to test it on xac tomorrow…
I’ll have to learn how to use it.

It was working perfectly so far… What happens if it’s faulty…

easy peasy,
Swipe master key (black disc in the little tin) then swipe your NExT within 3 seconds.
now enrolled! :+1:
Amal even helpfully made a video

xAC product page has all the info you will need, and even has some use examples.

It is a great bit of kit

DT will sort you out;as with all DT implants, as well as their product support, their aftersales service is fantastic.

Test with access controller, post back the results and I/we can help from there.


I saw your other post about replacing your NExT. I have to say that it is extremely unlikely that the LF T5577 chip in your NExT is “faulty”. I’ve never heard of that happening before. The problem is almost certainly related to the configuration of the tag or the read range. RFID systems are a finicky mistress, and you need to get used to it before you can say anything for sure.

There are definitely more troubleshooting steps you can do before you take the drastic step of replacing the implant. Especially considering you don’t have access to a professional installer. There’s even a chance that if you replace it the same thing will happen again, because there are other parts of the system at fault.

You’re going to need to give us more information if you want help.

  • What type of readers are you using (ALL of them)
  • Did you use any devices to change the configuration of the NExT (cloner, PM3)
  • Does the x Field Tester work with your readers
  • What day did it start working, how often did you use it, and what day did it stop working

I used white cloner, now I know I really probably shouldn’t but everything was working after installation 2 weeks ago. It was working very well after a day or two.
And only 4 days ago it was really hard to get it to work. I had to hold my hand near the reader very long and sometimes it worked. 2 days ago it stopped working at all.
I was using it at least 2 times a day.
Field tester is and was working and other keyfobs still work.
Readers I use are mainly
roger mct66e-io
PRT62LT-G Roger

About xac set up,
Can I just connect it to the 12v power supply, and then use the output to power since led diode? I wander if this output was enough, or I have to use relay with it?

try definitely shouldn’t have, although that doesn’t explain the degradation of your readability.
Even the blue cloner would have been a better option…
Consider yourself scolded

anyway, moving on.

Yes just connect to 12v DC power supply ( car battery, wall plug rated at 12V DC) dont’ worry about:-
Current capacity or output
You dont need it for this test.

it has an operating voltage range of 9 - 15V
So if you have a 9V battery, you can use that for the test.
I’m going to give you basic instructions
If you are unsure or need more detailed, just let me know. It’s no problem. (also apologies if this is teaching you to suck eggs :egg: :egg: )

  1. get your power ( 9V or 12V)

  2. dont let the white wire touch the other wires (best to tape it down or out of the way)

  3. connect Black to negative and Red to positive.

  4. Your xAC is now “live”

  5. scan the fob it came with on the antenna.

  6. The Red LED should illuminate :bulb:

  7. if it doesn’t, get the master “key” (black disc) touch it to the antenna and within 3 seconds touch the fob to the antenna.

  8. wait ?5 secs? the try the fob again, it should illuminate.

  9. If it does, then, ( try this way for ease of use )

  10. put your master disk on work surface

  11. pickup your antenna with the opposite hand as your NExT

  12. Touch the antenna to the master disk and within 3 seconds touch the antenna to your NExT

  13. Wait 5 seconds

  14. touch Antenna to NExT

  15. Does the LED light up.

Please let me know if any part of this doesn’t make sense or work…

We will get there.

I had another thought whilst I was typing this, If the :snake: white cloner :snake: has put your NExT into T5577 the xAC won’t work as it is “looking for” EM*** hence (xEM access controller)

Anyway, give that a try and let us know how it goes.

by the way
have a read of this

Just as I began assembling xAC I have tested NExT once again, as I was doing ~2 a day and it started working now

I am happy but also really confused, if it will stop working again I’ll definitely post here.

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It is strange, It sound to me like a coupling issue.
Have you used your xField detector to find the best orientation of your NExT and position on the readers you are using?

Yes and those sweat spots are hard to find with xField, but chip works in nearly every position.

For 1,5-2 weeks everything working correctly, 2 days working badly, ~4 days nothing and now it is working like in those first 2 weeks.

I have no idea what was that about. It’s now working with door readers and cloner too. Let’s just hope it won’t go away like that again. I’ll carry my keyfob deep in my bag for situation like that for some time.

And by the way, at last, I am doing xM1 and vivo today.

One question, is xM1 too big to go into knife edge? What’s your opinion.

I dont have anything in my knife/blade edge, as I’m saving them for flex devices, I’ll leave that over to others with it in that location to answer, I have seen there are people with xM1 in blade edge which is also 3mm, so as long as your anatomy is suitable, then I couldn’t imagine why not.

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Do you recommend any other placement for xM1 than standard places? Or maybe do you recommend any other localisation for vivokey? Is arm, like in some video of installation on DT site (I think), good place. Top side just after joint near hand?
Or like that, that one seems good

I would personally be thinking about how I would plan to use it and what do I have planned for the future.

Put it somewhere easy to use if you will use it alot or if it is just a nice to have, put it somewhere that is still usable, but not somewhere that takes up valuable real estate for potential future implants.

So I had them done, I was asking now cause ofc I want sure if my idea was good :stuck_out_tongue:
Vivo in this place from photo
xM1 in standard place

Awesome, I hope you heal well.
Don’t get worried when you see Biliverdin and Bilirubin


So I have worries again, not because of Biliverdin and bilirubin this time tho

I most likely implanted my vivo too close to the bone and on top of that it moved under the needle wound, so now it half over the bone :confused:

I can’t get it to move, although I have tried, are there any special methods to move it further away from hand??

] is the chip
- is where bone starts
and bold line is where it should be, anywhere there.

Other one is perfectly ok

EDIT: I feel like I cannot move it cause it’s “stuck” at the wound side

I see what you mean. This is a tough call. It could be ok, but with a slightly higher chance of breaking if you smack your arm just right… Otherwise it will very likely slide and move out of the way in the event a large force pressed in from the outside. If you have any doubts of course, you’ll probably want to remove it and re-install it in a better position.


So volleyball is bad idea from now on. Right?

And moving when it’s already partially locked too?
It’s just “suffering from succes”, it’s healing too fast :confused:

no volleyball should be fine… i would say try to avoid getting hit on the arm with a police baton or steel truncheon or baseball bat… but I know you’ll be resisting arrest, grappling with ninjas, and beating up baseball players by this time tomorrow… so just be careful.