99% failed implant... How should I do swap-out with new one?

So the issue I was talking about lately in
is 99% implant failure…

Probably still today I am going to assemble XAC and do last test.

LF side of NExT
It was working for last two weeks, then two next days were strange, reading was much worse and I would be getting it to read for two minutes each time I tried.

And then it suddenly stopped working. HF is working fine.

I have tried 6 different readers and cloner and nothing could read it. I wasn’t even getting bad id alert, just silence.

Could anyone help me with swap-out? I have little to no knowledge about how to approach this situation.

The worst thing is that it’s already well, well settled so I guess there is no chance of doing it yourself right…? I was doing self install as the prices for installation here are as big as chip itself. On top of that I think that doing it with a piercer means I won’t be able to use a lydocaine, right? I am not sure if I will be ever able to get through the pain without it…

On top of that, can I even do the swap out thing? Get rid of old one and just put there the new one? Or I have to wait for it to heal properly and then install. Should I be installing it in the same place to start with?

Did you see @Satur9 reply in your original thread?

If, you do this one step at a time, we can hopefully get this sorted for you.
Set up your xAC
Post your results of that testing back in your original thread along with the answers to @Satur9 questions especially the

If we can’t help you, then come back here and we will point you in the right direction.

Don’t worry, it will all be pretty simple!

Now off you pop to set up xAC…

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Do your testing first. If the chip is faulty we will send a replacement and you can swap it out in one procedure. We would like to get the faulty one back for analysis if possible.

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I have some news regarding this chip in my original thread.