Finger Magnet Removal and Titan Install (there will be blood 🩸)

Content Warning: Blood

I don’t always post on the Dangerous Things forum, but when I do it’s a fucking bloodbath, Tom.

So I previously had a parylene coated cylinder magnet in my left ring fingertip that was 3mm diameter by 6mm height. I had that removed today. I also had a Titan installed in my left middle fingertip. I’m going to post some pics and info for posterity.

First off was the removal. I needed to get this taken out because I was getting irritation in the area, which was the first sign that my last magnet had begun to fail. This was a big fucker and I was concerned the coating had cracked and would be preferentially adhered to my flesh over the magnet. Thankfully that wasn’t an issue and it came out all in one piece.

My artist had to apply a lot of pressure to the other side of my finger in order to press the magnet against the underside of the skin and allow him to cut through the pocket. It was a pretty long incision. Once to magnet was visible he popped it right out lickety-split with his own finger magnet. No stitches, and it’s still sealing up now so I’ll update more as the healing progresses.

Next up was the Titan install. My artist used a very small scalpel, a small taper, a medium taper, and a medium dermal separator in that order to create the channel. In the end the channel was 1cm long. He inserted by hand, and then wiggled it in deeper with the rounded edge of the medium taper. It’s also still settling, so I’ll update again next week.


No stitches were necessary. For recovery I’m just going to leave these gauze and medical tape wraps on for about 18 hours, remove, clean, and put band-aids on for a few days.It’s been about 3 hours and honestly the pain isn’t bad. Just a dull throb. The removal finger pain completely eclipses any sensation from the Titan install site.


Thanks for the writeup! :slight_smile:
Jesus that was a fucking huge magnet! 6x3 mm?? O_o
Although next to your hands it seems comparatively tiny
I bet you won’t have any issues accomodating the titan though. I see you put it pad-side?
What kind of numbing did you use?

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Different fingers. We didn’t re-use the pocket.

This is great, thanks for the write up! I still can’t believe that massive thing fit in your finger, wow. Super glad it wasn’t a massive ordeal getting it all out :heart:


3x6 just seems so wild to me. Wow, glad you were able to get it out!

I know, I know.
Would you mind telling us your hand size?
Because that magnet was almost the size of a xG3 O_o

Thanks for the write up I love the install idea what type of tapers did they use? Imma look for some tools :slight_smile:

They looked like these

The two sizes he used look like the ones at 10 if this picture were a clock face


I’ll have to show you on my right because my left is kind of fucked up right now. The length of the final segment of my ring finger is approximately 25mm

Here’s some pics of the removed parylene coated magnet. Not as bad as I thought, but still not great. Luckily it all came out in one piece.

You can see some stress cracking, some bubbling, and a whole bunch of surface pitting.

While it hadn’t yet “failed” as dramatically as my first magnet, it definitely left some loose parylene and Nickel floating around in my system. I may have a mild allergic reaction to nickel (it’s pretty common), which could serve as an early warning sign for magnet failures.


I have that same set of verniers! (though yours are in slightly better nick), I think our hands are very similarly sized which gives me hope for a finger pad install. I was nervous about the thickness of the titan, but this has put that to rest.

Good luck with the healing, and congrats on your new titan!

Vernier for scale

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Not relevant shitpost

Now, that everybody shows their top finger segment, i feel pressured to show mine too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thats the Finger with the Xg3 in

Edit: Added spoier :wink:

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idea:alrght, lets whip out our calipers and show off sizes!

My calipers are too smol

Bow chikka bow wow

Healing update about 45 hours after install. No more leaking so that’s good. Getting a bit of maceration so I decided to take the bandages off for a few hours.

You can see on the right (ring finger) in addition to the removal incision there’s also a bunch of old scar tissue from the three other times this finger has been cut open. Hopefully this will be the last finger magnet for me :crossed_fingers:. Only oddity is this weird sensation when I curl or uncurl my middle finger with the magnet. I know it’s just skin shifting around the magnet, but it sure feels like it’s bouncing around in there all loose like gumball :laughing:


Day 6 of recovery. Things are coming along nicely. The removal finger is basically sorted. The Titan install finger still has some bruising and swelling, and I can still feel it loose jangling around in there. It’s weird. I have confidence in this install method, but be prepared to be careful with that finger for at least a week if you want to maintain the positioning.

To alleviate some the fluid buildup ithritin recommended a baking soda poultice, so on the third day I tried it and it actually helped. I put a solid cocaine snort worth of baking soda on a regular band-aid pad, a few drops of water, wrapped it around the finger and wrapped that with a bit of self adhesive compression bandage and left that on for about 5 hours. It could be a variety of factors but it got me through the worst of the swelling and the previous fluid retention volume has not returned. I thought it was some homeopathic bullshit but meh, give it a try.


@Satur9 didnt you once mention a needle magnet install without lido? How did that go?

Is that a metric or “standard” snort worth ? :nose:t3:

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Depends on how you measure your pinky nail.

Picture unrelated.

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