The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

whats up with that?

Looking at the server stats, nothing stands out.
infact, the number of logged in users is slightly down over the preceeding 4 days.

It’s name is On1k0

I’m more worried you thought about fucking a dog in heat as what I meant.

I meant putting diapers on that bitch.

I bet it’s in heat too


I know I’ve seen them before, but my search skills are failing me, I don’t suppose anyone has links to any of the various removal videos that have been posted to the forum?

All I can find is the support page’s recommended technique video, no actually removals yet

Idk where the other ones are at,
But here’s mine sorry it’s hard to see what’s going on
He used a super large needle as a scalpal and made a small exit hole


Satur9 has a couple I can think of

and also Vicarious

those are just off the top of my head, let me know if you need more and I’ll do a proper search


That’s plenty for me for now, I appreciate the help!

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Got another interesting comment on my Flipper review:



84614-1532336916 (1)




Some of you don’t even need the tape… :magnet_titan:

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So this forum is one of the better places for me to ask level heads about this… since we’ve had previous discussions on it,


So I goofed and used the wrong pronouns regarding someone
w/e accidents Happen and I corrected my statements

Sort of…

It/it’s is what the person who was correcting me reminded me of,

But honestly? I’ve never been able to put it into words well… but “IT” doesn’t feel comfortable for me to use
It seems objectifying and dehumanizing
(Which granted in this forum takes on a different spin, since many want to become cyborgs lol)
Just feels rude to me in general regardless if someone requests it (putting aside cyborg lifestyle)

So I just changed to using their name… which seemed ok… but now I’m wondering if that is or not

Am I right / wrong / other in this situation?

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This is definitely more valuable with more opinions, but for my piece I thought just using the username was better even than whatever the “correct” pronouns were. Personally I don’t care very much about it, but from a “better safe than sorry” perspective I would say it’s smarter to use their username in any case because the sort of people who specify pronouns might be either at a certain point in their journey or may view gender as a spectrum. If you just use the name then even if they change later the post will still be valid. You might end up deadnaming them posthumously, but like that’s less disruptive I guess and more in their court.

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I do think the forum type atmosphere is conducive to just using usernames since unless someone lists it in their profile or mentions it you don’t know what their preferred pronouns are going to be. There is something magical about not having faces just abstract names and avatars.

I think I tried to say something like this forever ago and probably mangled it

I think someone was clarifying their orientation or something and I found it mildly amusing because I forget that users on this forum aren’t their avatar… let alone that they have any orientation whatsoever

I’m going to be catching up with @darthdomo in july for a biohacker village… and the fact that he will have a flesh and blood body and is not in fact a plushy is beyond weird lol

This is why it messes with my when someone changes their avatar because it’s like I don’t even know who they are anymore lol

3 Likes interesting new tech.


43uW/cm² is impressive. Unfortunately their assertion that it could replace batteries is a bit farfetched. Most implants you won’t get more than 15cm² of surface area, and most of that won’t be in contact with blood. It could provide a supplemental trickle charge, but you’d still need a battery and eventually to use wireless charging to top it up

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So my boss tried to hard boil an egg in the microwave today.

Yup, they still blow up. :boom: Nice to see physics staying true and constant like that.


If I probe my meat on the smoker is it technically a cyborg?


No it’s just cyborg fuel


Now I want to get the Disruptive temp implant and use it on steaks. Set up an antenna on the grill and have your phone beep when the temp is right for a perfect steak lol



I found your next project

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