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I still think you are underestimating the midges…

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I found some shoes I think you might like


Thankfully we don’t have it that bad, you’re right :sweat_smile:

However, Florida is trying some science shit to our mosquito. Why Is Florida Releasing 750 Million GMO Mosquitoes? - YouTube

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Haha, before the image appeared I was totally sure it was going to be a unicorn sneaker, but this one is really cool as well! :smile:

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I tried to get @Pilgrimsmaster’s brother to draw some artwork of him:

I was expecting something different but I guess that this is ok as well.


Nah, thats pretty accurate!


Nope. I don’t see any pancakes.

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at this point i’m convinced the vimpay conversions break for one reason only… the extremely odd way the antenna wire is coiled overtop of itself. with any encapsulation process that still remains flexible once finished, the wires likely rub the enamel off and short out, causing the tuning to drastically change and the chip to stop resonating properly.

cassox’s PMMA approach makes a rock solid brick, so as long as it’s working when it goes in, it should remain working… but to be robust enough to not snap in two, it needs to be fairly thick. My guess would be around 4mm to 6mm thick.

On the other hand, there are things in the works to make a flex PCB antenna for the vimpay chip… that would be ideal in my opinion.


They are virtual. :unicorn_clap_clap:

Now I wonder if you can work him like Alexa?

Hey, @Pilgrimsmaster, show me pictures of pancakes!


There has to be at least one bit of the wire crossing over the loops in any coil (or in the case of a PCB, a via). But I would think if that crossing occurs at a spot where the implant doesn’t flex too much - or at all - it should be fine.

Looking at the Vimpay flexie, I can see two crossings, but they’re across the short length of the implant and very near the chip. It doesn’t seem like much flexing should be happening at that spot then.

Still, I guess that’s a possibility. wouldn’t a tiny sliver of Teflon tape under each of the crossings solve the problem - if that is the problem?

It’s a bit more strange than that… check these photos; XLED implantable field detector - #30 by Jesse

It is basically an expanding spiral coil, but along the sides the wire is overlapping itself almost vertically… at least it’s very hard to keep it from folding or sliding over itself on those sides when you are trying to carefully extract it from the melted plastic and then re-encapsulate it. Here’s an extraction from IAR for example;

yes you could technically manipulate the fragile and finicky copper wire to basically create protections against this… but ultimately the labor involved in conversion is already pretty high… I’d rather the PCB antenna solution so I can just mishandle the copper wire during extraction, then toss it away.

We are already working on a “mega” style disc antenna for 70pF icard and purewrist chips… and there is a narrow vimpay pcb antenna in the works as well. It wouldn’t take much at this point to make a mega style antenna for vimpay chips too.


Ah right. I wasn’t looking at that picture. Yeah the coil is quite a mess in that one.

Speaking of which, any ETA on this? Or is it Soon™? :slight_smile:

Partly posting to see if you muted me. The second tuning revision of those should arrive early next week and if they test well they’ll be doing directly to Amal’s workshop so it could be Soon™er than you think


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I have COVID. It’s great news: I have a normal disease that a normal immune system with a normal vaccination schedule can deal with easily in a matter of days. And I have an equally unimpressive certificate for 5 days out of work to go with it.
I get normal fucking scripts now. Yeah bitches! Life is great!


Yeah, I had it twice myself. Pretty confident in my immunity now.

To counter that, my sister called from the UK yesterday. My mum has just been hospitalized, my sister, and the ambulance folk thought that she had had another stroke because of how she was found. She was unconscious and breathing strangely.

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Does she have rona?
Hope she gets well soon.

Yes, she has a “bad case” probably not helped by her age… I really do want to retry this decade. :laughing: