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Of course the TSA is ineffective. It’s not meant to stop terrorism. It’s the visible face of the American Gestapo aka the DHS. Its job is to terrorise Americans into submission and restrict movements domestically.

anyone watch the new season of Ghost in the Shell:SAC_2045?

I’m not sure how I feel about the ending…
but to be honest the storyline has always been hit or miss for me… its 70% just an excuse for me to oogle cyberpunk future tech…

I don’t think spoilers, but just in case

those American Empire SEAL suits ( maybe suits? it wasn’t clear if they were exo suits or fully robotic… but either way fucking sweet)
did Ghost in the shell ever explain why a cyber brain can’t be replanted in regards to purin? she didn’t seem to get shot in the head…

and we saw that Boma had his brain yanked the fuck out… but he was “recovering” after the double think

feels like there should be some altered carbon aspect

@Coma is the gaming chair by interstuhl, interstuhl also makes this badboy:

The pure active, seems pretty decent, promises to be very healthy and I think it looks nice.
Costs about the same as the backforce pro, so I just pulled the trigger after… I don’t even wanna know how many hours of searching for a chair.

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but if you had to guess?..

20h actual searching minimum and a lot of being distracted by unrelated reviews from the YT channels reviewing the chair I looked at…
I tested a lot of chairs in stores too, but they don’t sell good chairs here


Definitely looks nice, yeah, and I guess it comes with all the advantages the backforce has as well (given it’s the same manufacturer). If it arrives, please share some pics and infos about how comfortable it is :wink:


I’m assuming, knowing you lol… and your love of spending a lot of time on something tedious once and not messing with it again…

that you wrote some kind of script to automatically change your avatar on a daily basis?


First of all, I only have to do it 62 more times, and it takes less than a minute. I guarantee you I’d spend more than 62 minutes figuring out how to upload an image to Discourse programmatically. It’s a dynamic Javascript blob, I ain’t messing with that.

Secondly, it marks days to something personal. I want to do it by hand.

lol these 62+ min are fun tho, so you replace an hour of shit spread over 2 months with 2 hours of fun now

EDIT: oh no, discourse is weird, doesn’t look like fun at all

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I’d rather French-kiss a skunk than script stuff on the intarweb. I’m an embedded systems engineer, not a web developer.

Here I just fire up Gimp every day, modify a dumb image, save it back, upload it here and that’s all there is to it. I’d have to do that for over a year to consider scripting it. That’s how much I hate Javascript.

Also, like I says, doing it myself reminds me every day of what I’m doing it for. It’s like my little digital advent calendar sort of thing. I like that :slight_smile:


that’s a good point

knowing the tampermonkey scripts you have written previously, there are some things you clearly hate more than javascript :wink:

That’s different. More like covering yourself in DEET to ward off mosquitoes. You can’t will mosquitoes away and they’ll never stop because they’re fucking mosquitoes. So while I’d rather not use chemicals on my skin, it’s better than the unending nagging.

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I’d happily trade a week of my life for a day without mosquitoes on occasion

Funny, I’ll take any number of mosquitoes for one more day.

Neither of you have visited the Scottish Highlands during midge season then.

I would venture to give 2 weeks of my life with the monsters we have in Florida. Them things are everywhere, and it doesn’t help that every 2 feet your walking into a pond or lake.

I grew up in GA so I get it

I know they actually feed a large portion of the biosphere…. But I would straight up green light wiping them off the planet

I live near the polar circle. You don’t know what mosquitoes are if you haven’t found yourself in the thick of a mosquito cloud in Lapland. When I go fishing there at the end of summer, I literally wear a net around a broad rimmed hat over my head and shoulders like beekeepers.

Worst is, there are two types of mosquitoes around here: small, fast, ultra-aggressive and super painful in spring, and big slow, slightly less aggressive and less painful in the summer, but can bite through thick clothing and hair, and leave you with a rather large bump.

Not everything is great in Finland :slight_smile:

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I have a friend who came down from the UK to visit family and she texted me asking how to keep away the mosquitos. She left the dang windows cracked for fresh air at night! She was basically a steak dinner for those damn things. I guess her windows didn’t have a screen.