The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I know. We even talked about it :slight_smile:

There are 2 issues:

  • I want to encapsulate something specific, not any old NFC transponder that does something.
  • IAR… Yeah… No. I’m kind of okay with their glassies - kind of, but hey, enough that I actually implanted one :wink: - but certainly not one of their flexies.

I don’t think we did, I just recently noticed they changed their pics to something that looks a lot more like plastic than silicone

I spent the first of my job money on a new toy…

I bought an Apertura AD8 8" Dobsonian telescope :slight_smile:

It finally got here today, after a very impatient 8 days. Tortuously, the stand/mount came yesterday, but the actual optical tube didn’t come until today.

Although it’s not intended for astrophotography (almost purely for visual astronomy), I snapped a few pics of the moon through the eyepiece :blush:

At max magnification, it looked absolutely incredible in person. My highest magnification was a 6mm eyepiece, with a 2x barlow (since the moon is so bright, it was a worthwhile tradeoff). That brings it near 400x, which is about the maximum with the Earth’s atmosphere in the way. It also means I likely should have gone down a bit for full clarity (I’m magnifying the atmosphere turbulence), but it was still good for wow factor.

Obviously similar results can be had with fancy binoculars, with the moon so bright and close. Still, a good first test, as well as getting to know the scope (never used a Dobsonian before, the mount is a bit tricky to maneuver precisely).

Jupiter and Saturn rise in a few hours, hopefully the clouds play along. It was super clear until about an hour ago, because of course it was :sweat: Supposed to get quite cloudy around the time Saturn comes out, hopefully I can still it before they get too bad.


Fucken aye it is.
Your photos look amazing.

When are you going to try and capture the ISS during it’s transit?


That’s fucking sweet

Best telescope experience I had was on a long backpacking/training/get together

We hike 10-20 miles into the back country and up a fucking mountain in bumfuck Missouri for a week and a half,

We carried in a very nice telescope, I’ve never seen Saturns rings so clear, 90% worth the hike in


We have an 8" dobsonian too, definitely fun to play with.

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Not that I’m worried about it, but has anyone actually had any run ins with tsa? A fb group poster was trying to travel with a kit, and upon reading carryon would be problematic… checked should be fine

But tsa is a dumpster fire so I recommended just mailing to self

But now I’m Jonsing for a tsa being told to fuck off story preferably in reference to implants

I feel like if challenged I would use my flipper and hand write the hex on a piece of paper and hand it to them “have fun”

The TSA is quite open about how it works… They publish advice lists which include the phrase “the TSA Agent at the airport has full discretion” in other words we will do what we want despite this document saying that it is ok to travel with a plastic butter knife.

I was “told” to remove my shoes in Anchorage and I pointed out that their website says I don’t have to… So they insisted on swabbing them for explosives.

If they had been feeling even more pissy I am sure I would have been selected for a cavity search.

With atmospheric turbulence + lens artifacts, I wasn’t able to get a good pic of Saturn, but oh my god. It looked incredible. Super distinct rings, could see where they disappeared into Saturn’s shadow. Could very rarely see the cassini division, but I do think I saw it.

Here are the best pics I got, although not even close to how it looked IRL:

Sitting outside rn, hoping I can get Jupiter, but it’s cloudy in that direction. It’s behind some trees right now, so there’s still hope that I’ll get a shot at it before sunrise.

That’s more of a job for an astrophotography rig haha. Might try it some time for shits and giggles though. I do love watching the iss fly by, although tracking it with a dobsonian sounds like a nightmare.


Something was brought to my attention recently that the rings of Saturn are possibly only very recent
10-100 million years old, younger than the dinosaurs

Idk why that changes anything about my view of the universe but it’s mind blowing




Countdown clock.


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Got Jupiter and 3/4 Galilean moons! Callisto is hiding rn, it’s scared of me :smirk:

IRL I was able to see some beautiful color banding, looked just like the photos I’ve seen for my whole life

Honestly a super emotional experience


You’re quick to notice anything ain’t ya? :slight_smile:

I absolutely see why. At least in my mind, I have 3 time scales that I think in. Human, geological, and universal. With humans, you’re thinking in the span of a few thousand years, geological in the millions to hundreds of millions of years, and universal hundreds of millions to billions of years.

It’s really weird when any of those scales cross paths. The idea that something major in our solar system changed so drastically within a geological time scale instead of universal is mind blowing. It would be the equivalent of if we found out that Mt. Everest appeared after the first humans. In that case, we’d be crossing human time with geological time, just as weird.

That’s really interesting though, thanks for sharing. Can’t remember if I had heard that before, don’t think I have.


you probably explained it well why it blows my mind,
very used to thinking about astronomical things on such grander timescales than a measly hundred million years,
crazy to think that life on earth is older than something like that

I think I bumped into it on a tiktok or something stupid and called bullshit, but decided to verify ( t̶r̶u̶s̶t̶ assume bull shit, but verify)

and yea the Cassini spacecraft data suggests the rings are approximately only 10-100M years old
meaning various forms of life on this planet are far older…


The bartender at my local joint has a great sense of humor: he had mistakenly put some traditional Finnish Christmas songs on the terrasse PA speakers.

One particularly drunken patron yelled out “Hey! What is this crap? It’s summer goddammit!”

So he changed the music to Russian rap. The patron is fucking hopping mad. Highly entertaining :slight_smile:


One of my favorites

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Not only is it shit, it is only perceived security.

As “security theatre”, it is far more effective at making passengers feel safe, rather than being actually effective.

When tested by homeland security and Red teamers, the TSA perform abysmally.
we are talking frequently 95% failure rates.

TSA costs a cunt load of money with very little (if any) actual Security provided.

Personally, if it meant not having to wait in a queue, I would happily walk through the Airport security naked.

There are other more effective and cheaper alternatives…

If you’re interested, Bruce Schneier has written some interesting articles.


Well, it would certainly speed up the cavity search if you didn’t have to undress first.

I have an acquaintance who used to audit / test the tsa

He’s told me plenty of stuff I wasn’t supposed to know, and therefore can’t repeat

He was frequently pressured into lowering the bar to make it easier for them and they still failed

I also have another acquaintance who… I don’t fully remember how or why it happened… it was a complicated multi part fuck up
but he wound up flying with a SELECT FIRE rifle, as carry on… and it wound up being outside of his immediate control because the bag wasn’t the right sizing to stay under his seat

He is Leo-ish, but this definitely was not a fully approved or sanctioned thing…

Best part is when I was told story it was like, well at least you didn’t have loaded mags…
…he did… immediate face palm

Good thing most bad actors are dumb and untrained usually

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