The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

I left my wallet at work,

I’m currently sick so work doesn’t want me to come get it, I don’t want to travel there if I don’t have to cause it’s far

I was all set to use one of my implants with my drivers license on it, at the last second both the dr and pharmacy “was able to look it up”

Sad pirate noises



Yeah, I actually forgot about it! Thanks for mentioning it again. I was halfway through the second episode I think, and got sidetracked.

Love literally everyone involved with it, but especially William Osman and nilered.

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Make sure you have read up all issues with the flexnext Before you implant anything

You do you, but it’s best to learn from issues and not repeat them

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i have haha, it’s not like it in the sense that it’s together. It’s basically like 2 implants stacked, almost like putting xLEDs over a flex implant.

I train medical students as well so any issues that come with infection or breakage will be dealt with safely, and, of course lots of testing before implanting.

I would implore you to consider approaching Amal.
He has a tried and true product

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I might, but honestly i prefer trying things out myself for now. I like figuring things out myself, mistakes and all.

Mind sharing what you have in mind to encapsulate? Cassox could do reliable PMMA encapsulation for you

Is that feasable for e.g. a vimpay? how thick would it need to be to not break?

I so wanna share this, but I can’t :slight_smile:

I’m 65 days away from the biggest event of my life. Some of you are partially aware of what it’s about. One of you - one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world - knows EXACTLY what it’s about.

I’ve been partying every day in anticipation. Nobody knows why I’m throwing a party every day, but they come and party along all the same :slight_smile:

In 65 days I’ll truly be me. First time i my life. I’m so happy. I can’t reveal why, but I just want to spread the happiness.

Be happy with me my friends!


Oh yeah! The unicorn totally adds to the joy :slight_smile:

Hoped so :wink:
And it’s good to see you so excited and happy :slight_smile:

Happier and more terrified by the day :slight_smile:

I didn’t like audiobooks til I found the Galactic Football League series. The voice over is done by the author, and he adds in a bunch of sound effects and filters to make it even better. The amount of production and editing done kept my attention. It’s a sci-fi series of 8 books (iirc) where the galaxy has some new alien species, and the species that has the most control and power realized that some sort of peace and interspecies relations can be achieved by the ancient sport of (American) football. It’s a weird concept, but I really enjoyed it! It had the perfect mix of futuristic politics, tech, action, and a bunch of character development. I believe you can find all of the audiobook segments on Scott Seigler’s website where he uploaded it in chunks.

Also, the Expeditionary Force is another great series available on audible. I like that voice actor a lot!
And Hell Divers is a great post apocalyptic but with futuristic yet retro in their time technology. I think it has the same voice actor, if not just as good!
Those are what got me into audiobooks after a string of slow boring monotone audiobooks.

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So you’re finally getting uploaded! Congrats!


Ending up as a puff of bits in the cloud… What a ghastly thought! This isn’t Ghost in the Shell: on the real Internet, I’d probably become Big Data’s bitch - if I can even get past one of CloudFlare’s captchas :slight_smile:

Joking aside, something tells me that you are getting naturalized but I didn’t mention it because I don’t to be pushy or annoying. It’s ok if I’m wrong, and I’m happy that you’re happy about this big thing that you’re approaching.


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Interesting that you should think getting naturalized is life-changing.

For me, it would only be more paperwork. I really don’t care which nationality I hold nor which country I was born in. I’m a citizen of the Earth. Countries and nationalities are artificial hindrances. They only exist to allow idiots who think they have any meaning to wage war against one another. The only reason I haven’t made myself stateless is because of the tremendous difficulties it introduces in one’s life.

My big thing is much more intimate. But I can’t elaborate. Thank you for sharing my good mood though!


congrats on whatever @anon3825968 but completely off topic, did you know IAR has a hard “flex” implant now? It’s their vimpay (germany only) but you may be able to use it just for ID for as back implant or something.