Finger Magnet Removal and Titan Install (there will be blood 🩸)

idea:alrght, lets whip out our calipers and show off sizes!

My calipers are too smol

Bow chikka bow wow

Healing update about 45 hours after install. No more leaking so that’s good. Getting a bit of maceration so I decided to take the bandages off for a few hours.

You can see on the right (ring finger) in addition to the removal incision there’s also a bunch of old scar tissue from the three other times this finger has been cut open. Hopefully this will be the last finger magnet for me :crossed_fingers:. Only oddity is this weird sensation when I curl or uncurl my middle finger with the magnet. I know it’s just skin shifting around the magnet, but it sure feels like it’s bouncing around in there all loose like gumball :laughing:


Day 6 of recovery. Things are coming along nicely. The removal finger is basically sorted. The Titan install finger still has some bruising and swelling, and I can still feel it loose jangling around in there. It’s weird. I have confidence in this install method, but be prepared to be careful with that finger for at least a week if you want to maintain the positioning.

To alleviate some the fluid buildup ithritin recommended a baking soda poultice, so on the third day I tried it and it actually helped. I put a solid cocaine snort worth of baking soda on a regular band-aid pad, a few drops of water, wrapped it around the finger and wrapped that with a bit of self adhesive compression bandage and left that on for about 5 hours. It could be a variety of factors but it got me through the worst of the swelling and the previous fluid retention volume has not returned. I thought it was some homeopathic bullshit but meh, give it a try.


@Satur9 didnt you once mention a needle magnet install without lido? How did that go?

Is that a metric or “standard” snort worth ? :nose:t3:

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Depends on how you measure your pinky nail.

Picture unrelated.

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Fuckin A, that was my first magnet. Never doing that again. It ssssuuuuuccccckkkkkeeeddddd

Other then being extremely painful?

It was a needle install so the placement was pretty meh, but it didn’t reject so I guess it went fine. It was only 3mm x 1mm

Wow, thats small^



I had succeeded in being very careful for 6 days but I just accidentally brushed my hand over the wrong part of my laptop and the magnet flipped and there is pain.




It’s been 12 days. Things are looking good. I can type no problem. I do still get sharp pains when I grip things the wrong way with the Titan finger, but they immediately subside. This is kinda part of the whole process of letting a magnet settle. You’ll never get it exactly where your body needs it, so over time it will be pressured by grips into the most comfortable spot.

Sensing is difficult to quantify, especially this early. For lifting the heaviest coin in my collection I was able to reliably lift was this 500 Lira coin that weighs 6.8g:

I also have another weird thing that I was worried about with the removal finger, but now I feel a bit better about. When the scab came off of the long scar it was attached to this like thread monofilament piece that was still inside my finger.

When I tugged on it I very nearly passed out. I trimmed it down and it’s not causing any issues so I’ll just leave it be. It will either subsume back into my finger or be pushed out. Either way I’m not opening my finger back up.

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hah man… I had that too… I removed a chip myself (just don’t) and part of the collagen encapsulation came out the incision… I tried to pull it out like it was a piece of hangnail skin but it was not having it… I was amazed at how strong it was and how strongly it was connected to my skin about 10mm deeper inside… yeah i just cut it and left it be also.


It’s been 3 weeks since my removal and install. Yesterday was the first day I could wiggle my finger and not feel like the magnet was jangling around in there.


Just some more pictures I took for someone on the Discord


Shit! that is TIDY buddy, you must be stoked :interrobang: