Fingertip Titan in an MRI

Mythbusters showed what it looks like with metal (LF tag from verichip) in a pig. It kind of just creates a smidge like aboration around the object

I’ve heard of people translating a mri scan into a stl and 3D printing their own brain…

I would totally do that

Also, I would be endlessly amused to print an exact scan on my skull in a 1:1



Yes… because who wouldn’t want to look at their own skull?

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I guess I’m ok with looking at it in a mirror with the nice fleshy bits still on :slight_smile:


See that’s less fun, I know what my face looks like…

Being able to HOLD a part of you that is intrinsic to your identity (facial structure) but is always hidden

Like on some level, I just accept that I have a skull
I can feel it, I can see other skulls… but I never get to really examine MINE

I want to see if there are scars or divots from various injuries… I want to see if my external life has left a telltale mark on my “internal life”


As long as you don’t try to cut someone else’s face off and sew it to your skull print just to see what face-off the movie might look like in real life… I guess that’s cool :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking one for the team here @Satur9! With your new knowledge, would you say it’s safe to get an MRI with an x63v1 implanted in the fingertips? I have a NeXT and and xLED in my left hand and was totally fine during an MRI last week. Hearing that you can use something as strong as the Titan and be fine me me think my chronic ill ass can finally get a finger magnet.

You can do whatever you want. I personally would be willing to go into an MRI of 3T or less with a xG3v1 in my finger (although I would never put an xG3v1 in my finger when the Titan exists). Different people have different risk profiles though, I just want you to make an informed decision for yourself.

Totally fair! I just don’t think I have a strong enough pain tolerance to get my finger tip implanted with a Titan.

Isn’t a fingertip xG3 worse?


The xg3 is worse

(I know that from personal experience)


I have installed both (titan and xg3) in my fingertips and the xg3 is WAAY more invasive, bigger wound, longer healing time, higher rejection risk and in general more painful

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You should segment the MRI data and 3D print your own skull and brain! I’ve done it before and now my grandpa has my skull on his fireplace mantel haha


Huh, good to know - thank you!

Nah I’m good. That really just doesn’t interest me.

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I love the pic with the eyes :sweat_smile:


Super cool information, thanks for sharing Satur9!

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Out of curiosity, did you numb/use anything for the pain when you did either the xg3 or the titan? I just got my 2nd xg3 this week, mainly to experiment with the difference between axial and diametric but I always thought the titan would hurt too much.

Both times I got my implant in my finger tips without any numbing, hurts like hell but the idea of being cut open and implanted seems more painful

I have installed 3 xg3s and one Titan.
The Xg3 and The Titan in my Fingertip were both installed with the use of Lidocaine since the Fingertips have many nerve ends so i decided to use Pain management substances for my fingertips.

The other xg3s were installed without pain management (knife edge and another spot at the hand where i know no name for) and the pain was no issue for me.

But please consider not installing the Xg3 in a finger. its big, the fingertip is small, the needle will damage large areas of tissue, there is a high risk of nerve damage and rejection.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: that makes a lot of sense, yeah getting stabbed in the finger tips does hurt like hell.

At this stage I don’t plan on getting anymore xg3 as I have the two already, my first one has healed fine, fingers crossed my second one does as well given what you have said about nerve damage and such

If I do get anymore magnets I will probably look at getting the titan