Fingertip Titan in an MRI

Did you ask for any of the images? I have had to submit medical images for an old job and that was when I found out that you can just ask your doctor for your X-rays and stuff. I am sure the magnet was noticable in the scan. I wonder if it would be just an opaque disk, or if the magnetic field would make some crazy pattern.

I doubt it as the magnet was far away from the area of interest. IIRC, he got two magnets removed as those where located near his ears and would’ve affected the images.

I only had one tragus magnet removed. I’ve had 5, but all on my left side. I only have implants on my left side.

But yeah, the imaging area of the MRI is small, it didn’t include the area where my hand with the Titan was

I know DT or a cautious person isn’t going to recommend to ever get an MRI with a magnet implant. But being inconvenienced if I ever need an MRI is the only thing stopping my from getting an xG3 or trying to source a Titan (impossible challenge).

Is it not worth it for someone like me to get a magnet implant? I have no issue omitting that I have a magnet implant from the technician if I had a reasonable degree of certainty that I would be safe. I also feel like I’d enjoy the sensing ability from a Titan-like implant as opposed to an xG3; maybe by the time another Titan production run happens I will be willing to take the potential MRI risk. I don’t think I would ever want a fingertip magnet, so the palm side of the hand between thumb and index seems like the only sensing option for me? Otherwise probably L1.

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If you’re going for palm side, I’d suggest a Titan minimum. Glass on a gripping surface is more risky. Add to that the risk of MRI interaction… Titan or nothing.

In case it wasn’t clear, going through an MRI with an undeclared magnet definitely carries significant risk. It’s our official position that magnets should be removed before the procedure.


Absolutely, I would either go L11 or L1 with xG3, palm side for TItan.

In case it wasn’t clear, going through an MRI with an undeclared magnet definitely carries significant risk. It’s our official position that magnets should be removed before the procedure.

It’s clear :frowning:

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It’s a cya thing, you understand. I know you’re an adult who can make your own decisions, we just have to clearly state our position.


This thread gives me a reasonable degree of confidence that I could get a Titan in my fingertip and be able to tolerate a MRI if I ever have to get one in the future. I considered the possibility of a tragus magnet as well, but I’d hesitate to actually get one. If I’m ever told to get a MRI on my head, I’d want the best scan possible without a magnet in there to fuzz up the image. (Plus that’d probably be pretty uncomfortable there.)


There are metal shields used in MRIs for pacemakers, metal rods and other medical implants. How come we never mention those? If you approach an MRI technician and tell them about your implant wouldn’t that be their logical response rather than “let’s go through minor surgery just so you can do a 20min procedure” ?


Maybe in France. I very much doubt it in the US

I’ve heard this before but I’ve never been able to confirm even with Google searching. Can you provide some links that demonstrate these shields?

I’ll look it up, I’ll also ask some people I know who work in te field

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Looks like we got another.

A friend of mine had an MRI scan today. She has the following implants:

Titan @ left middle fingertip
xG3v1 @ R0
xLED HF @ right wrist
xNT @ L0

She was honest with the MRI technician and stated that she has implants. Surprisingly, the technician was pretty chill about it, not even asking any further questions. She’s got some piercings too, to which the technician said that she could keep them on and that they wouldn’t cause any issues. For context, this is in Luxembourg. She got the MRI because of a knee injury, meaning only the lower half of her body was inserted into the machine. She chose to lay with her arms pointed away from the machine. As expected, the MRI machine had no effects on either the xNT or xLED. She sais that she could feel the pull of the machine on the Titan and xG3v1 even before the scan started. Here is what she texted me right after the experience:

“You are getting rolled inside the machine and you feel the pull stronger. Thats when I decided to hold my middlefinger (in which the magnet is sitting) with my thumb and try to help navigate and secure the magnet. The machine starts and you feel a strong pull of the magnet, I could feel the edges of the magnet and had to slightly push against the magnet. Then you feel the rotations of the machine, I turned my finger and hand in the direction of how the magnet felt somewhat straight. This was learning by doing as it were different angles horizontally and vertically. Around the 4-5 Minute mark, I wanted to try if it helps if I am not holding the magnet, but there was instant pain and the magnet got pulled very harshly, so I held it again after 1 second. It hurt when I manovered it in a slightly worng direction, so I had to concentrate with every millimeter on how I move the hand and my fingers. As you can’t rotate your hand 360 degrees while laying down, it was sometimes a mixture of slight pain and an uncomfortable feeling. Around the 6-7 Minute mark, I was struggling to find an angle in which the magnet was somewhat comfortable without strong pull as I could feel the skin getting stretched harshly, so I tried again if not holding the magnet would help, but it was instant pain again. I then managed to choose an angle in which it was somewhat comfortable to keep and conenctratet on keeping calm while having a bit of pain. I could tell the magnet moving and vibrating constantly but on the same spot, I think the machine inside turned around very fast so the magnet was pulled in every direction, which is probably why I didn’t find the sweet spot anymore. So I just held my magnet and hoped for the best. Close to the end, I again had to search for a different angle. This time I felt how the pocked inside the finger in which the magnet is sitting felt sore. I still managed to find a sweet spot in which there was no pain from the actual machine until I was done. When I was done and getting up, I felt again the pull from the machine in both magnets, but nothing hurtful, only a strong machine. I then left the room to and saw straight away that all my fingers were red, but the magnetfinger had like a purplish tint to it. This could however easily explained by me holding the magnet and probably a little too hard sometimes. So the first picture was taken about 5 seconds after getting up from the machine. The second picture is 5 Mins after the experience already outside, you can see the finger is slightly swollen, but nothing wild, the last pircture shows nothing anymore. Now, about half an hour after the experience, the magnetpouch feels pretty sore, but the magnet is laying comfortably on its normal position again and you from the outside it looks like nothing happened. So all in all, it was an uncomfortable experience with a bit of pain, but nothing unbearable with manoevering. I still was glad when it was over. I think the magnet flipped 3 times during the 10 Min I was in there. Please keep in mind that my fingers are quite skinny and the magnet has in general not a lot of space, so this could probably also alter the experience.”

With all this sensation caused by the Titan, she didn’t notice anything unusual about the xG3v1.
Here are the 3 pictures she mentioned:

I think the whole “the implants need to be removed” shtick is probably not an issue here in europe. Maybe they just want to squeeze more money out of you americans? Or maybe it’s an insurance thing? Either way, I hope this will help others in their MRI endeavours.


Another somewhat unrelated but also kind of related thing is that when I had my Steve Haworth magnet removed 4 years ago, the removal was fully covered by our health care system and I didn’t have to pay a single cent. I even got to keep the magnet!

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Probably this, misinformation and a culture of lawsuits. Or maybe we are stupidly reckless in Europe :sweat_smile:


This is absolutely it.
I was commenting to my partner recently about the number of billboards for lawyers there are between Atlanta and one of the suburbs to the north of us. One of them says “Stop paying your lawyers 35%-45%, contact My 25% Lawyer!”, and I was like, who uses lawyers often enough to know to complain about their commission percentage?!?
I don’t know if it’s the same in other countries but the fear of lawsuit and also the encouragement to sue for every little thing is so strong here, I find it disgusting and a waste of legal resources.
There is something wrong with a system where advertising that you can “make money” from suing your employer or neighbor is actually effective.

Not the ones I’ve seen. Maybe a little bit in South America but not to that extent.
I was also mind blown by the billboards :joy: it reminds me of Better call Saul

I think for the most part, titanium implants like hip replacements etc must go through some level of MRI testing and it’s not very saturatable material anyway. I think if you had a pacemaker or some other implant that would be severely impacted by the MRI procedure it would probably be in your medical records. The MRI tech would never even see you if you had these types of implants… you’d never get an MRI scheduled in the first place.

I think if you or your friend had told the MRI tech that they were magnetic implants, you would not be allowed to have gone through the procedure.

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Sounds plausible, but I’m wondering why he didn’t ask which type of implants after asking if she had any :thinking: