First buy. Interested in placements

So I am really interested in buying the lifestyle pack with the four implants. I was curious if I out the NExT in left primary spot and the magnet in the right primary where could I put the other two? Outside of the hand like along the pinky side?

One other question I had is can I write my card info to the NExT or do I have to use the wallet implant specifically for that?

Thanks for your help.

brain isnt functioning for placement discussion atm but i can tell you your debit/credit card cant go on a NExT

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Ah so I would need the walletmore one for that

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Here is some reading material that may help you out

The lifestyle bundle is a great choice and the placement decision is ultimately yours.

I would start thinking about my use cases and what I may want to get on the future.
If we said that these four were all you were going to get ever, I would consider something like:
The NExT implant in position 0 of one hand
xM1 in position 0 of the other hand
The Spark2 is tricky, if you weren’t looking at getting an Apex implant when it is released, I would put this somewhere easily readable by a phone, maybe position 2- 5( not position 1 just to keep it separated from the xM1 or NExT.
Alternatively ( assuming I didn’t want to also use it for access systems) on the forearm or outer thigh.
The magnet (I don’t have one, but looking at other people’s choices, and because the xG3 in this bundle is an xG3 V1 which is more sensing than lifting, I would be looking at somewhere with higher concentrations of nerve bundles like the fingertip (which could be quite intimidating for a “first” implant)

I will let others with xG3 V1 give you alternative location suggestions.

So the above is not what you should do, just something you could do.

Also if you were looking at walletmor, I would suggest on your preferred hand.
I have custom payment in position 4.5, if I was to do it again, I would go position 4 Or 5. (other positions are available, I can only give you my experience)

If you do have further question, just ask.

Haha, as I was typing, looks like @yeka also dropped in the same location guide…

Yeah I was kinda sure you’d post it but I wanted to troll you a bit :slight_smile:


Yeah Walletmor is the only payment card implant at the moment. If you really want to get into Vivokey stuff, I’d wait until the Apex comes out since it has way more features.

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Not exactly… it is the only full service / readymade payment implant currently, however there is also the payment conversion service, where any microsim style payment card can be attempted to be converted into an implant. If you go to Payment Device Conversion Service | RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products you can see previously / confirmed successful conversions. Depending on where you are located @Shakker / whether you are willing to open another bank account, one of these could be an option.

Note, that like standard credit cards, they do expire, usually after 2-5 years.


changing soon™ to 5+ years :slight_smile:



No additional deets yet… all available deets are that Walletmor is sourcing chips with 5+ year expiration and that is taking some time but they are coming and the next batch will be using these extended expiration chips :slight_smile: