First chip, what to choose

Hi all,

My first message and implant.
What should I choose?

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That really depends on what you’d like to do with them! Any ideas?

Want to have option write in it, to have the option to use it with doors, so maybe not have to write on it…
Security…? Passwords?

Do you want to use it for doors like school/work/apartment complex? Or more for your own door locks? The community has put together a great document that lists a bunch of different RFID door locks and their compatible chips here;

As for password storage, you may be interested in the upcoming VivoKey Apex which is due out some time this year and will have the ability to run javacard applets and a password vault is one of the apps in development right now. You can keep an eye out on the Apex progress in this thread;

For other kinds of access like apartment and workplace doors, it all depends on what kind of protocol they use. A great starting place is the NExT which is a single implant with 2 RFID chips - a low frequency which is pretty common for a lot of access systems, and a high frequency which you can write to and scan with your phone, which people use for all sorts of things from sharing contact details, social media/web links etc.

This forum is a huge repository of information, albeit a little overwhelming at times. But take some time reading lots of posts to get a better overall picture of how things work. It’s hard to answer such a broad question as “which implant should I get?” as it’s pretty use-case based.

Have a look through the WIKI and FAQ sections too!

But feel free to ask questions, people are always willing to help you out but try to do a bit of research first so it’s easier for us to help you out with the specifics :slight_smile:




Welcome onboard!

I guess @anon2520759 covered all the bases very well!

I would just ask a couple more questions which are often overlooked:

  • Doors… Do you have freedom to change your door handle where you live?

  • Do you have many places where you need a tag/badge? if so, do you plan on keeping those for many years to come?

  • Passwords… did you meant your own controlled passwords (such as sudoing)? Or more like a central password manager for multiple online services?

  • Writing to it… How savvy are you with code or command line? (It’s not necessary, you can do that via a mobile app. Asking just to have a better Idea about what options to point out.)

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