Jan 2021 VivoKey Apex update

Ok everyone… it’s been a very long wait to get to this point, but now we have confirmed receipt of a bulk inventory order of SmartMX3 P71 MOB10 package chips for making Apex Flex and Apex Jumbo products. Antenna re-design is underway now and we should be able to start full scale production by mid to late February.

Flex One beta replacements

The Flex One beta participants who purchased Flex One beta units from us during the beta program will be contacted and will be the first to receive VivoKey Apex Flex units. After that, Apex Flex will immediately be put up for public sale. There will be no beta program for the Apex Flex.


May I just be the first to say:7drHiqr


It’s getting so clooooooooose. Hey remember when I thought I could wait for Apex for my first implant… and then didn’t even make a month of waiting… oh those were the days, huh? haha.


Very, very excited. 100% feel free to just answer “No idea yet” or “Can’t say yet”, but do you happen to have any idea of price point? I need to begin saving now (this’ll be my first flex wedge!), having some idea of price would help a ton (but again, literally no worries if you can’t yet).

Again though, fantastic work, beyond excited!!!



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The hype is real!

Not yet. I can say the flex one beta version was $349. We plan to offer the Apex for less.

It will actually be smaller and without a wedge shape. Still needs the 4G flex needle to install, but easier installation and shorter than the wedge design.


like this



Thanks for that info, still very helpful! I have a rough upper bound now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yeah, I saw your posts of the new antenna shape, have you thought of a name to refer to that form factor? Wasn’t sure what to call it, hence my use of the word wedge (as opposed to the disk flexies).

Looks kind of like a band-aid :adhesive_bandage: haha

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Yeah me either haha

I’d call it a butterfly shape… nah?
Oh and wow what a way to wake up, 104% hyped.

NExTy Flexy McFlexFace


If all goes according to plan, this is the flex form factor moving forward. That means they don’t need a distinction, they are the standard flex form factor. The classic wedge shape is the wedge flex.

It might make more sense if we all collectively come to terms with how “beta” our efforts/interests are when compared to the products that will be accepted by the general population. VivoKey =/= DT in more than name

as a flexone beta person, wondering if our apex’s will be ‘unlockable’?

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this is still part of the game plan… but it has been complicated by one thing - the payment applications for mastercard/visa which are pre-loaded in the hopes that one day we can unlock that functionality with blessings from mastercard and visa… those will cause problems with the idea of unlocking the chip… we may end up with the need to make a “totally open” version of the Apex which has no applets on it at all, including the VivoKey identity applet we will use to link Apex to the platform with.

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Can’t you delete the payment applet?
I accept that bank apps don’t run on rooted devices for example, this seems similar.

Will be we able to write/deploy our own applets on our devices (developer mode, if you will)?
What happens if Fidesmo decides to go up in flames?

it is being explored… there are elements of these applets built deeper into the chip… nxp is the maker of these applets and it’s tied to the chip’s rom mask…

yes just get a free developer account with fidesmo and you can deploy your own applets with ease. if you want to publish those applets on fidesmo there is a process for that but it’s not that hard.

this is the other reason for needing an “unlock” option for the chips… we are working on sorting it out.