First real evangelism moment

We get a lot of The Other Kind of interaction lately, so I figured I’d share a recent interaction with a neighbor of mine.

I live in a condo tower with shared laundry. Access to the building, the storage rooms, rec center, and the laundry rooms are all done through an ioProx keyfob, which is the primary reason I got my NExT. Yesterday I was doing laundry and an older lady was in the elevator with me on the way down, clearly heading there as well. I got out first and made a bit of a point of showing my hand was empty by cracking my wrist as I got out. Then beeped into the laundry room with her right behind me, and my hands full with the basket.

She said “woah! what, do you have some kind of chip in your hand or something?”
“Yeah, actually.”
“I mean… I have NO CLUE how you just did that”
“No, you do. You got it. I have a chip in my hand”
“Aw come on, really. No idea. How’d you do it?”
“No, seriously… no joke. You guessed it right off the bat.”
“You aren’t kidding, are you?”
“Nope. I got an implant that works just like my grey fob. I just don’t have to carry it.”
You could watch the wheels turning as her face went from incredulous to horrified to confused to LIGHTBULB then she says “wow… … I should get that for my car…”
“You can. I’m probably going to do it in my car and my motorcycle.”
“Wow, so cool. Let me guess, that’s what the right hand is for?”
“Oh no. Right hand is for my bank card.”
Her mind blew a fuse, took a second to reboot “Wow… the future really is here… that is incredible.”

Anyway, wanted to share a pretty cool interaction. Score one for open-minded folks.


Yeah, that is cool.

What would be your age range guess?

I would guess in her early sixties?


Idk why my mind immediately went to evangelical Christianity and I was just thinking Oh boy this one is gonna be a doosey.
Glad people are opening their minds to it more often now


Title may have subconsciously been skewed by the latest addition to the mindcontrol thread.

Amal must have turned a dial on me or something


First I read “evangelism” and I thought “aaw please, not religious garbage again”.

Then I saw it was Miststlkr and I thought “That’s strange, I didn’t peg him as a nutcase”.

So I read on and I realized it was actually a cool story.

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These are the positive interactions that are fun to read. Have you had any other positive/negitive reactions?

This just makes me more excited to get my walletmor.

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Honestly, I got my implant in October and primarily for use at home so not a whole lot of opportunity for other folks to see it, so five months after getting it, this was the first stranger reaction I’ve had. I’ve shown friends and stuff, and they were obviously into it, but this was the first time getting a “live reaction” off a total stranger.


Funny story of being a cyborg :upside_down_face:

That’s definitely cool :sunglasses:! That seems to be kind of like the reaction that I’ve gotten so far. Even though most people haven’t wanted to get any chips for themselves (except for one friend so far), the in-person reaction has been mostly positive for me. It seems as if there’s more haters of the technology online than there is in person. Anyways, I totally love reading stories like this. :+1::grinning: