Flashlight “X-ray”

Negative results are still results, all in the name of science!

Also relevant xkcd about drunk productivity :wink:


Imagine if you had your hand on top of a bright red light during implantation. It’d be alot easier to guide the needle past veins.

I have reserved a spot between metacarpals for a future project, but kinda nervous about it, cause some big ol veins run through there too.

Ohhh interesting! That definitely warrants further investigation.
I may just have to get another implant (not that I need an excuse).

I did that a while ago with a 350 lumen one and long exposure and got good results.

Use black cloth or tape to cover up the edges :wink:


Woah, that’s seriously impressive!
I’ll definitely have to give long exposure a try.

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I think this has been mentioned before, but I was gifted a nice (very bright) flashlight a bit ago, and I realized that by shining it through my hand from the palm, it’s super easy with the naked eye to see my Spark 2 in L2. It’s harder to capture on camera, but I tried:

With the naked eye + some manipulation I can see L0 and R0 implants too, but it’s much darker, and harder to captured on camera.

Just thought I’d share, it’s kinda neat to physically see an implant in a sea of flesh and blood.


Which flashlight is that? Any chance it’s a Emisar D4V2?

Nope, it’s a random rebranded Chinese no-name.

Found it on Amazon without too much searching. A cousin of mine bought a big box of them at some closeout store (whole family got one), and they didn’t have the box, so no idea what brand these were even sold under. There’s no name on the body of the light either.

I expected to hate it, but it’s actually a pretty decent light. Uses an 18650 with a built-in charger, and the actual LED on it is decent. This listing claims to be 1000 lumens, which I don’t doubt, seems realistic for how bright it seems. It has a true UV light built-in too, as a seperate LED right next to the main one. That makes it super useful to me. I need a UV light surprisingly often (clearing EPROMS, checking currency, gross public bathrooms, etc. lmao), and I can never seem to find my dedicated one when I need it.

It’s got a strong magnet on the bottom, which is nice to stick on the beam of my shed when I’m working in there at night.

Overall, 10/10 gift from family I don’t see often lol


Neat little pics!

You could open a thread inviting folks to do the same!!
Would be a cool gallery!

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Good idea. I had considered that, but wasn’t sure if there was interest at all.

@Pilgrimsmaster , mind throwing this thread into its own topic?



You have 3 options:-
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I’d say move to “Flashlight “X-ray””. Thanks.

I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow, I have get about 7 or so of my implants to semi show up

Problem is I need 3 hands and my camera assistant stomach doesn’t like implants


I’m on the process of finding a decent flashlight for this >.o

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I used just some of this el cheapo 18650 ones https://www.ebay.de/itm/3x-LED-Polizei-Taschenlampe-SwatT-Schwarz-Zoom-Licht-10000Lumens-Camping/124052790018?hash=item1ce21f5b02:g:VCUAAOSwWG1e3yrI

they should work out if you have some good 18650s around

I’ve used those before, and they’re fine, but I’ve always had issues with the internal construction. I always have either the button fail, or the internal contact itself fail. Something about that screw-on button cap never works out well.

For the price they’re decent, though.

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looks like a big ass vr goggle


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