Flashlight “X-ray”

I saw a suggestion on another post that a bright enough light may enable you to see your implants.
So I decided to give it a crack, and this is what I was able to achieve:

For that I used an Emisar D4V2, which is about 3800 lumens. However it gets real hot real fast. I could only hold it in place for about 5 seconds.

I also tried out a red led custom flashlight that I made:

Because the red light permeates flesh much better I can hold my hand on that indefinitely. The overspill washes out the photo a bit, but in person it looks quite clear.

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You know what? I don’t have a flashlight. But I have a 3W blue laser here. When I read your post, I figured “Hey, I’ll stick one of the 30-degree omnidirectional plastic laser diffusers I have from work in front of it, shine it on my hand and see if I can see something on the other side.”

Net result: within 2 seconds, the laser burned through the diffuser and burned my hand. You can’t be smart all the time…


Interesting, can you see the veins and if you move it around your hand?

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Oh dear!.. that’s wildly unfortunate, and mildly funny.

I also have a green led and blue led flashlight to go with the red one. What I found was that only the red was visible through my hand.

My understanding is that because most of the insides of the hand are red, the red light transmits really well, while green and blue are absorbed.
This would also explain why the Emisar gets hot so quickly, as 2/3 of its emitted spectrum are absorbed by the flesh and turned straight into heat.

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I can, it’s quite unsettling to poke at it and see everything move

That’s okay. My hand sort of flew away from the beam of its own volition. No harm done. That’s the great thing with having a working nervous system :slight_smile:

Makes sense. But I’m Sunday-drunk and I only have the one blue laser here. So, like, dumb-di-di-dumb-dumb-me.


Negative results are still results, all in the name of science!

Also relevant xkcd about drunk productivity :wink:


Imagine if you had your hand on top of a bright red light during implantation. It’d be alot easier to guide the needle past veins.

I have reserved a spot between metacarpals for a future project, but kinda nervous about it, cause some big ol veins run through there too.

Ohhh interesting! That definitely warrants further investigation.
I may just have to get another implant (not that I need an excuse).

I did that a while ago with a 350 lumen one and long exposure and got good results.

Use black cloth or tape to cover up the edges :wink:


Woah, that’s seriously impressive!
I’ll definitely have to give long exposure a try.

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