Tag may not have been implanted deep enough?

Just over a week ago I had my Xnt rfid tag installed in the suggested location by a local piercing professional, I’m wondering though if it wasnt placed deep enough. Without flexing my hand if I run my finger over the top of it without applying any pressure I can clearly feel the tag. I can just barely make out the area where it is laying under my skin, is there any way to determine if it is deep enough and if not how big of an issue is it and would it require reinstallation?

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If it’s sticking out of your skin, it’s not deep enough. :slight_smile:

It’s normal to be able to see the outline of it under your skin and certainly feel it.

Check out this thread

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Mine is about a month old, It’s super obvious to the touch. Fingers can feel differences down to 13 nanometers or so, so feeling it isn’t a huge concern for me. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, as long as it stays on the inside of your body, and not in your muscle, you should be fine.


Yah, everyone’s body is different in terms of skin, fat, muscle and tissue. So long as it was implanted in the fascial layer between the skin and muscle, you’re good. Too deep (into the muscle) is a bad thing. Some are invisible and hard to feel, while others like @ThexTallxDude can see their chips.

It won’t be an issue unless you find it starts becoming painful, inflamed or you notice something else is pretty wrong. Taking it out isn’t hard, but then you’re gonna need to heal up, re-sterilize everything and redo it so it’s probably not worth it unless it’s really necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

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Even within one person it can fluctuate. The one in my webbing stands out quite a bit, but my chip on the blade of the same hand I can’t even feel through my skin, let alone see it (I can feel internally it if I mush it up against the tendons and stuff, but I try not to do that too often)


I have a 13x3mm RFID biocoated chip in my right hand that looks almost identical to @ThexTallxDude’s visually. On the other hand (pun intended :slight_smile:), I have one slimmer biocoated chip that migrated to the side of the thenar muscle before settling, that is still somewhat visible, and another non-coated DT chip that’s gone into hiding at the lowest point in my hand between my thumb and my index finger, that’s almost invisible as a result.

I believe the implants you can see best are the ones that are anchored at a point above the muscle where they wouldn’t naturally stay at if they weren’t coated and anchored in place. The uncoated chips that readily travel under the skin tend to get pushed out by the contractions of the muscle and settle at or near the lowest point where they get stuck. A bit like a ball that rolls down a hill and settles at the bottom.

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Neither of my chips are coated, believe it or not. I had to splint it a couple times when it decided to follow the channel the needle left back towards the injection site, but I just took it easy with that hand for the first two or three weeks (you really need to lay off it. No cycling or anything, or it’s exponentially likely to roll)

I just took some prenatals and didn’t grab anything too hard, and my body stuck it just about where it was put in. Actually a little jealous of @anon3825968 and the few others that have had them migrate backwards. They seem to read more naturally, and make room for a second implant in the webbing.

As you can see here the xG3 placed between my 3 & 4th metacarpal is super visible, the NExT between my thumb and index finger is also clearly visible when I make a fist.
Vhen my hand is flat/relaxed the xG3 is still super visible, but not so much for the NExT (“protruding” 1mm over the rest of the skin in that area).

None of my 4 implants has migrated at all, even though I’ve not been too careful with the propper healing time. Non of them are coated, so I’m actually a bit surprised as I’ve read that other users on this forum has had massive movements on their implants😅


how has the placement of the XG3 worked for you in terms of lifting and sensing abilities? that’s one of the places that was reccomended to me but it just seems a little risky putting it there where it could easily get hit with something.

Thanks for your time.

Sensing abilities are not good in that location, lifting is okay, but not super strong.
I don’t have paperclips handy atm, but I’ll update the post when I find some :slightly_smiling_face:

If you decide to use the same location as I’ve used I recommend making a fist when marking where you want it placed. This because the skin moves a bit from the hand being relaxed to making a fist.
I did not do this so when I make a fist, the xG3 is pulled closer to the 4th metacarpal, so it almost rests on top of it.

As for your concerns about breaking it, I work at sea as a ships mechanical engineer, so I’d say I give the strength of the implant a good run for it’s money😅
I’ve smacked my hand into all kinds of stuff without breaking it during maintenance of equipment and building new stuff for the ship, so based on my personal experience I’d say you’re good as long as you don’t get hit with something that has an “edge” straight on top of the implant, like the backside of a katana or something in that range :slightly_smiling_face: ocf if you smack your hand with a sledgehammer the implant (and the rest of your hand for that matter) will shatter :sweat_smile:


Do you find that one end of the implant in the blade is easier to see/feel? I’m worried that my blade implant is too deep because my next in the normal position is visible and I can feel it but the blade seems to be on an angle and I can barely feel one end.

I genuinely want to go get an x-ray because I can’t really tell where it is, and have to mess around to get it to scan with my phone. I’m not sure if it rotated or something during healing.

You might have some luck shining a powerful enough lamp behind you hand.

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I haven’t tried that since I got it installed… . I should give it a go. I’ve got an LED Street lamp I wired to run off Mains power that would work for that



I had a crack with my own setup and got this picture of my NExT chip.


@amal I’m going to try again in a bit, but the biggest Issue Iran into was
1: LEDs can get hot apparently
2. As soon as any of the light bleeds out from under my hand, I can’t take a proper picture