What to do if your implant wasn't put in deep enough?

Any ideas guys. My spark2 was put in about 3 weeks ago. It is a tad infected and the Dr cant see me yet as in UK it can take weeks to get an appointment. Today I pushed a little on the incision area and it seeped alittle and I mean just a drop. Then I saw the very end of the chip stuck out. I pushed the skin around it to get covered again. I even tried pressing the skin with chip near the open wound area back inwards to try and get it further in but it wont do it. Is there a way to get it to go in deeper if the pocket was never made?? And yes it was done by a supposed professional piecer. ?

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If the doctor cant see you for a while what I would suggest is, find a Veterinary surgeon and and speak to them, those people are very good and my uncle went to one years ago when he lived in africa with an issue because the human doctors were having issues helping him.

I’d say get it out, regardless if the implant was the cause. Priority #1 is your own health, and the sooner you get it out the sooner your body will be able to heal.

Just my 2cents. Just go into your local vet and ask the secretary to speak to them if they are not busy and explain the situation and ask if they would be able to help.

Yeah I really dont want to remove it :frowning: if I take out…
How would one reimplant it? Theres nothing wrong with the chip. This is my login to my pc. My password to alot of things now… sad days


It would have to be resterilised and put into another sterile injector, unless you put it into a capsule and insert it through an incision instead.

In an older post someone wanted the implant to heal further away from the wound so it was suggested to break up a toothpick and surround the implant to hold it in place and tape it with an small bit of adhesive bandaging. If you just want to keep it away from the entry point you could try that.

So, not a doctor & this isn’t medical advice. We have alot of 1st-hand experience with transdermal piercings, regular piercings, & the injectable implants here.

If there’s a bit sticking out, or where the skin’s not fully sealed over it, then odds are the body’s gonna do everything it can to push the chip out. The body sees it like a splinter or something, and its a vector for infection & stuff.

If you can’t get to your own doc, do you have like, drop-in clinics or whatever? Or A&E if there’s no other option, to make sure you’re not dealing with infection.

If the body’s gonna reject it cos it wasn’t in deep enuf, theres not much you can do. Get it out, resterilize & put it back in, is probably the path of least resistance.

Good luck tho with whatever you decide.

I would be its poking out the incision hole by less than a 10th of a millimetre. The guy didn’t put the injection needle anywhere near in far enough. So I can force the chip deeper in with match sticks or tooth picks etc. :frowning: it may have to be implanted via surgery as I cant see anyone having a spare 2.5mm needle lol. I knew this was going to happen in the back of my mind from day one. I was just hoping it would heal over and become safe. …

If it’s already coming out, I’d push it out and start using anti-bacterial creme on it immediately. Infections can become serious. It’s not worth the risk for $100 implant. I highly doubt the Dr is going to recommend keeping it in.

Edit: I see people with more experience answered…listen to them…

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Contact the piercer. He should be able to offer advice about if and how to re-implant if necessary.

As for the docs, get an emergency appointment if you think it’s infected. Don’t wait weeks. I did this once and ended up less than 24 hours away from being in a hospital bed on IV antibiotics. Luckily high dose pills worked


I lived in th UK. I know all about the waiting lists. But you know what? A “little infection” and the chip poking out means you gotta get your ass to the ER to get the chip out and get a course of antibiotics in a hurry.

Don’t play with that. Your implant went wrong. Get it sorted out NOW!


The chip simply slid out with ease. I have it wrapped in bandages to keep it safe back in the vivokey box. I’ll be seeing the dr tomorrow for the infection. Just makes me sad that it’s gone. The left hand was ok with the xLED and next . Funny how attached you can get to them just weeks


there are alot of people all giving the same advice, and you really don’t need anybody else chiming in, but I’m going to anyway. :wink:

I just started a big TO DO list for you and saw your Reply, that is good news, BUT I I know it is disappointing, but also not the end of the world.
Your health comes first, and you can also still reuse your Spark2 after it is properly sterilized (Probably best to get @amal advice here) I imagine you will want to avoid heat treatments so no autoclaves etc but a solution of some sort.

You dont need any infection assistance from us as the doctor will do that for you.
If it was me I would also ask the doctor whilst I was there if they could clean it and implant it (I would sell it as a learning experience, or let a intern or nurse do it, and explain you are going to do it anyway so might as well be done buy a medical professional…Worse they can say is No. If you dont ask you dont get.)
Don’t forget to take the literature for installers

Otherwise I would be going back to the original Piercer, get their assistance to re-sterilize and implant with a piercing needle.
Again, as a learning experience. AND to make amends.
Check out DT guide for a flex installation with a needle.
Same principle should apply
Needle Procedure

  • Incise skin using a 4g (5mm diameter) piercing needle, bevel side down
  • Carefully insert the needle to a depth of at least 35mm
  • Be sure to lift the skin ahead of the needle’s point as you insert it
  • Slide flex device under skin with sterile gloves – no forceps or tools
  • Achieve complete hemostasis before applying bandaging
  • Use re-enforced butterfly bandage or dermal strips to pull wound closed
  • Apply transparent film (tegaderm) dressing overtop the dermal strips
  • While hemostasis is maintained, do not remove bandaging for 7-10 days

But that’s just me

I have had to remove my flexNT twice. 1st time because I broke the finger the implant was in, and DT replaced it no questions asked! 2nd time because it didn’t heal properly, kind of like your situation. I did not request a replacement the second time because I believe my body rejected it because during the install, it was slightly bent…and I believe caused the protective coating to come off or at least be damaged…my fault.

I have also had to remove my xG3, so that I could have an MRI done…again I did not request a replacement because it is my fault for needing it to be removed.

So what I am trying to say is I feel your pain in the loss of your implant! But the up side is that DT stands by all of their products 100 percent!

Turns out the peicer only went in the exact length of the spark 2 for some unknown reason… that’s why this has happened. I knew why there was such a lump at the incision point but hoped it would not be close enough for it to be a problem… guess I was wrong…
As for the doctors or nurse in the UK they give you 5 mins of time. Then kick you out. Other British can confirm this lol. Iam not sure I want the same piecer guy to put this back in after he botched it last time ???

Funny I went to Urgent Care at Hammersmith when I was staying in London (I’m from the US) and it was probably one of the more pleasant experiences at a DRs office I’ve had… And they didn’t even charge me for it. I’m no proponent of nationalized health care, but the US could learn a thing or two about user experience.

Fair enough; I would, purely to give them the experience and opportunity to fix their mistake. Simple mistake, simple fix.

As you know, your only other options would be to find another Piercer preferably one experienced in xSeries implants or a self /assisted install.

I understand if you were in london aka hammersmith that it was WAY BETTER then our backwater town. That’s not typical of local Doctors offices here in Thanet.

I’ve just dropped you a message about your installation etc.

Are you able to let us know who installed it?

We can also see what’s possible to help your situation with what we have setup here in the UK.

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Do this… push it out, put cream and bandaging over the wound… see if it clears. If not significantly better in 2-3 days or if it gets any worse, go to the doc and get treatment. Send the Spark2 back to us and we will send you a new one. Reply to your order confirmation email with this forum link and we’ll take care of it.


THAT right there, is Customer Service.


What can I say Amal, that’s amazing service. Thank you very much. I’ll get right on that. And after just one day the very red area has turned a lighter pink. So I belive I’ll live another day. Everybody’s been very helpful on this forum.