Flex Fun Bundle Now Available!

We’re excited to offer our first flex bundle! If you don’t have any flexies or any implants at all–take a look! You’ll get the Apex Flex, flexUG4, flexEM and the accessories you’ll need to get the most out of them.

The Apex Flex can be used a passkey, generate OTP or PGP keys, act as a crypto wallet, and more. In short, it’s the perfect device to secure your digital identity.

The flexUG4 and flexEM are the most powerful and versatile magic chips in their respective arenas: NFC and LF RFID. The flexEM is an old hat in the ring, using the venerable t5577 emulator chip that is capable of being nearly any low frequency transponder. The newer flexUG4 is an Ultimate Magic gen4 which can emulate most ISO 14443 transponders with 4, 7, or 10-byte UIDs.

It comes with a new topical pain management cream, KBR1, PM3, xAC, and RDC on top of the implants.

One and done? Saving space for blinkies and payment? Check it out.

Edited to change “RFID” to “LF RFID”


Nice deal, too bad I already have all of those Flex’s individually :rofl:


There’s something to be said for having a backup Apex and magic chips on both hands :wink:


Hah, true, but that “backup Apex” spot is being saved for some mega flashy :wink:


You’ve got a lot more patience than most people, I suspect! I’ve always been of the mind that if you want blink, get an xLED. Go LF instead of HF because you can get hella cheap inductive coils to power them indefinitely off the shelf. But that seems to be an unpopular opinion.


Yeah, already have two xLED’s. plus the Apex Flex, xMagic, and a NExT. Getting the FlexUG4 and FlexEM installed next week.

Next purchase will eventually be a magnet.


Do they each have their own sterile needle?


In my opinion, this is 100% the best bundle :logo_dt_circle: and :logo_vk: have ever offered.

I personally agree this pack is a ONE-and-DONE

I basically said it here

Yeah, the price is not insignificant.
@ $877 BUT you are saving yourself $40 in the bundle.
AND you save the postage costs if you were to buy them seperately.

With that combo, comes great power … :thinking: now to choose a suitable .gif or two



Yup! Except for the flexEM which can’t be installed with one.

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… I’m being picky but there’s a few issues with this statement.

  1. NFC is a superset of specifications based on RFID technology
  2. Depending on configuration I think UG4 is technically not NFC Forum specification compliant, as MFC is vendor specific
  3. From what I know, UG4 is only ISO14443-A and thus not NFC B or NFC F compatible
  4. flexEM does not cover the entire RFID arena - only 125Khz / 134Khz LF RFID, and even then there are types of LF RFID tags it is unable to emulate

Despite the above, the flexEM / UG4 are super powerful implants, so to more accurately reflect their capabilities whilst noting their flexibility might I suggest changing “NFC and RFID”?

NFC could become one of:

  • ISO14443-A RFID

RFID could become one of:

  • 125Khz RFID

H.mm, I know what you are saying, I also prefer the use of the umbrella term of RFID, with HF and LF under it, which is good enough for our purposes.

Most people understand RFID to be LF, which is a bummer.

BUT my opinion of the statement.

I would agree the UG4 is the most versatile HF magic chip we have at the moment and capable of emulating the widest range of HF chipsets, and 14A being the most common.
I also wish there was more documention available, but it seems to be coming.

The magic NTAG could do a lot, but it was a shit performer, so versatility doesnt count when it is not stable or reliable.
again, my opinion from my experiences with both chipsets.

I think the T5577, speaks for itself, and there are no chips better in the LF field, that im aware of, but stand to be corrected.

NEARLY being the keyword here.

I think when we are talking about Implants, we know what is meant by the statements above.

Thats my 2 cents on it anyway


We might only if we refers to those who have extensive experience with these, but given

It’s even more important to be accurate :slight_smile:

Yep, that was what first came to mind hence those options being the first in each of my bullet lists :eyes:

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I appreciate critique but I’m not sure I see how this aligns. The only applicable part I see could be using “LF RFID” instead of “RFID” but the common convention is to use RFID for LF and NFC for HF. RFID can, in other contexts, also refer to UHF by convention but UHF doesn’t work with even skin contact let alone subdermally. Regarding NFC Forum compliance, as I understand it, the Forum establishes standards for NFC which makes their recommendations another superset. NXP, for example, lists MIFARE Classic as NFC so I’m a bit confused on this part.

I’m happy to the make changes but want to be sure we’re on the same page–should I change the annoucement to say “LF RFID?”


That would be amazing if it is possible, that addresses 99% of it. For context, there is a great wiki on this forum by the wonderful @NiamhAstra around the RFID vs NFC common convention / misconception - NFC vs RFID - Nipping it in the bud

MIFARE Classic is one of those weird ones where it can contain NFC Forum NDEF messages but aside from that none of the NFC Forum specifications are involved, and generally an NXP reader IC (or custom implementation of crypto 1) is needed to interact with them.

Here’s a great diagram I found showing how the NFC Protocol stack looks:

Apologies for being overly critical / picky in my initial message, absolutely love what this bundle offers for people and just rubbed the wrong way by the generalisation of RFID and then went down associated rabit holes :sweat_smile:

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