Flex implant (walletmor) possibly rejecting?

Hey guys, I’ve got my walletmor installed 2 weeks ago. Today the scab came of and left quite a large hole.

Not really visible in the picture, my camera won’t focus closer.

The scab was quite wide and there is a bump right behind the wound so it might be possible that somehow the skin got folded into the wound, even though the install was bevel down if that is somehow possible? That would explain the hole the scab left, but I’m not quite sure.
On the other hand when I feel the implant and measure, it seems like the edge of the implant is sitting right in the hole and the before mentioned bump might be the implant?
The only time I’ve ever seen my skin behave like this was with my first finger magnet which got rejected. That’s why I am worrying and seeking your opinions.

I’m wearing a bandage now to stablize the wound just to be sure.

Honestly that looks identical to pretty much all my installs where skin folds in. I wouldnt panic as rejection would normally be more red and sore.

Zooming in on the image there dosnt really appear to be a hole more of a crease / fold which would again lead to the assumption that the skin folded atleast slightly.


My titan looked similar, I guess skin doesn’t like being cut, kept dry and only washed with chemicals.
Afaik rejections would look a lot more red, would itch and yeah that’s what Devil just said so I could stop typing but I dont…



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What happened to the other hand?

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Thanks guys for the quick replies and reassurance of my “folded skin theory” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This is my first flex and the first install that I haven’t done myself and for some reason I often feel like I have to do stuff myself to have it done properly :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately the implant migrated from my right hand, to my left hand. That’s why it is…

…now :rofl:


I’ve got one potentially stupid question (if there is such a thing)

If the insertion wound is completely healed shut, can the implant still get rejected and grown out by the body?

I can’t imagine how that would happen. It’s not like an organ transplant where it is reliant on the body for anything. What would happen is that the body would encapsulate it to prevent it from causing any harm.

This might take the form of a granuloma or even calcification.


What if, for example, the implant was partially inside the fascia instead of under it? Would that even heal in the first place?

Honestly, I don’t know, I would imagine that it could if the body didn’t react to it. The only example I can think of is a splinter where the upper part has broken off, and the lower part is still in the skin/fascia. In those cases, I have ended up digging the splinter out with a pair of very fine tweezers, but the body was reacting to those.

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Matnets can grow out even when the wound is closed, so yeah, can happen. I think I remember a picture with a hole in the skin where you could see a flex implant, I think one of the jumbos.

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I hope they’re doing okay, haven’t posted in a while.

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Hmm yeah but it never seemed completely closed in the first place and there was the “rejection redness” :confused: I really hope they are OKey too :confused:

I meant a wound kinda looking like this:


that looks closed to me… just the epidermis is flaky

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Mines a week old tomorrow, not healed but definitely closed

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Yeah it definetly is. With this…

I meant theirs:

I didn’t know you could tell through the scab :open_mouth:

Part of the scab fell off but I can see into where it was and its “knitted”.

Yours I’d definatly closed, mine get the same way they close up but the outer most layer stays dry and flaky for a while (xsiid was almost 2 months)

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Magnets are slightly different because they are subjected to forces which cause them to move completely unrelated to the movement of the flesh around them.

The photo of a flex visible through a hole looks like the flesh never healed over the top of it. Wounds like that usually need to be held closed so that they heal properly, and I would think that the pocket was not large enough looking at that picture. I am no expert (and I would love to be corrected) but I would think that you would want the implant to be off to the side of the opening so that the opening will heal down to flesh, even if it scars. If the implant is below the opening you risk it scarring around the implant and forming an open pocket (with increased chance of infection)