Flex Implants and Cold Temps

A while back I noticed a mild pinching sensation around my FlexEm while driving. It’s barely noticeable, definitely not something I would call painful. The implant is located on my forearm a few inches back from my elbow–right about where an car’s A/C vent will blow. I noticed again last night while waiting outside for 20 minutes (I tend to dress lightly as I bike). Anyone notice anything similar? Or is this a result of my abnormal placement? Thanks in advance!

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Yeah some my hand implants pinch ever so slightly every one in a while when I stay out to clear the snow on the driveway in the winter - especially in temperatures below 10 degrees. Not really painful, and the immediate solution is to put the gloves back on. But I noticed it.


Thanks for the confirmation!

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I was wondering about glassies getting cold but never remembered to ask before buying or installing, but has been in the back of my head lol
I noticed while standing outside for a few hours in the cold, it felt like my xG3 started getting cold, but it was only a couple days after install. Hand to keep my other hand pressed against the injection site to keep it from hurting.
Interested in the flexies getting cold though. Looking to install a flexM1 soon.

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For flexies, I think the pocket shrinks a little and the implant bites a bit. Nothing serious really. It’s just that it finds itself in a slightly smaller space than usual and starts digging in again.

For glassies, I reckon they just make the area they’re under a bit more of a heat sink than ordinary flesh - especially if they’re close to the surface. Or said another way, if your skin is cold, the implant carries the cold down faster because it sits where meat used to be that used to have thermal regulation.


Do you think the pinching is just due to the flexies edge? If so, I wonder if the edge could be melted to a bead to prevent it.

Super curious to see how the Titan feels this winter!

Oh, and at the expense of derailing my own thread, you had commented previously about rigid implants (of the flex variety) likely being more durable… Well, I got into a fight with my car and beat the hell out of the area where my FlexEm is a while back–still works like a champ.

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Actually, I just thought a bit about that… and I realized that I had the problems with my big flexie last winter, and it started the day after I had a pretty long walk in the cold. Surely it wasn’t the only thing going wrong, but by now I would protect big implants on exposed areas pretty good against cold. As well as ears with many piercings… found that out the painful way^^

Funny enough, when I still had a titanium ring in my lip (I changed to two labret bars by now), my lip became numb after a short time in the cold, leading to myself being a bit hard to understand :smile:


I asked Amal the same thing and he said he’d have to think of a solution, because that’s not possible apparently.


By the way, I assume that round bruise-looking thing is where your flexEM got punched, right?

I’m asking because the skin over the flexEM in my back has exactly the same color and it won’t go away. I’m actually getting a bit concerned at this point. I mean it’s fine and all, but my skin looks permanently bruised, like on your photo, and it’s been in there for quite some time now. And I haven’t been punched.

It might have revealed the problem. Or accelerated it. Skin issues tend to get worse with the cold.

Yeah, that was my FlexEm. I have had zero implantation related bruising but my body rarely bruises despite taking some heinous abuse.

That is pretty worrisome about yours–maybe there’s just consistently too much flexion for that rigid beast? :grimacing: I can’t recall exactly where yours was installed on the back–lower back just above the pelvis seems like it might be the least mobile :man_shrugging: Love the chair idea, btw.

How long have you had yours installed there in the forearm?

About seven months.

Yeah I tried to gun for the area where the skin is tautest, but even there it’s a lot flabbier than anywhere on the hands or arms.

Basically I think it keeps stabbing me and there’s a sort of constant, low-level bleeding. I can’t really feel it anymore, but I think it’s habituation and that’s what it’s doing.

Also, my installer installed it very VERY close to the surface, to prevent migration. What he might have prevented also is efficient blood supply rerouting.

And to top it off, my body isn’t exactly in great shape lately, so I may have diminished healing abilities,

But aside from the odd color, it seems perfectly fine. So… wait and see. It’s only been there for a couple of months.

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hm, interesting. i have one in the same location, sans any strange bruising above it. but you did say you beat it up in a fight with your car…so i imagine that played a part in its current appearance.

That picture is from months ago. I bashed and scraped the arm pretty consistently over about an hour in the engine compartment. The bruising passed in a few days.