FlexDF locations and vivokey

Im really excited that my flex df is coming iv been waiting awhile for this and im so happy that its almost here, i have a xnt in my left hand and an xem in my right hand with a another still packaged since that whole distributor thing. Im thinking of a place to put the flexDf now, so far im thinking my left forarm about 5 inches away from my elbow, but im wondering about my hand, im going to get the vivo key when it becomes available and i want that in my hand for easy access and scaning but does anyone know how big it will be?

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Look at Amal’s video. He’s got the proto vivokey in his left middle finger (IIRC), I think that’s the best location from a utility standpoint, maybe a little worse from a safety/ease if installation standpoint. But I’m going for it when they come out. Fuckin’ wonder twin powers ACTIVATE! :smiley:

I actually had similar questions some time ago and got some nice responses from Amal: Various questions about the flex implants and Vivokey.

According to Amal in that post, the VivoKey is expected to have the same dimensions as the FlexDF. Just keep in mind the post is some months old and stuff may or may not have changed.

I’m pretty sure Amal has his VivoKey prototype in his arm above the wrist and a FlexNT in his finger.

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Im so happy to have this now

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Yes this is correct. The flexNT is in my finger and the 35mm diameter VivoKey v1 prototype is in my left arm. We should have v2 VivoKey prototypes made in a few weeks.


Woo!! Excited to see the development

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hah well shit… don’t get too excited. Once again, we find that the chips NXP supplied are not the correct ones… so now we go back to waiting for someone to get their head on straight and get us the correct chips. We’ve received the correct chip packages a couple months ago, but they turned out to be faulty right off the factory line… so we returned them to NXP and await the correct chips in the correct package… the same problem we’ve had for well over a year now. going with another chip type is an option, but really the best feature set, applet storage capacity, and security certifications still rest on this chip from NXP… so we wait.