flexEM available for pre-order

If they can’t I’d just go somewhere that can :sweat_smile: my best friend is a nurse.

Are there any places around Seattle? Do you guys do installs? :sweat_smile:

But yeah should probably check.


yep… but he doesn’t want to be on the map. I will DM you :slight_smile: He’s the guy that put in my 35mm diameter VivoKey prototype from like 3… 4? oh god… 4 years ago? no… can’t be… gotta be 3 years… ugh…


Yeah about that. I think this one would be the limit of what I would feel comfy doing with my skill set. Been around plenty of open heart sugeries, been taught enough, and I confidently feel I can do this to me.

Sorry @DrinkABeard, not gonna help ya on this if you want it.

I’m very excited and I’m about to pull the trigger/order one.
When do you expect to ship this product?
How large is the box/packaging for flexEM going to be? Is there a way to specify this product to be shipped in an envelope?


Also, how “flexible” is the flexEM? My guess is it’s pretty rigid given it has multiple coil layers. Flexibility is not a requirement (for me), just something to take into consideration when planning implant location.

Here is what Amal said previously

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Ha, No worries. Not on my list.

It will be shipping in a few weeks… first I’m going to collect orders, then I will obtain materials to fulfill those orders and make the batch.

This is possible, but not normal for our processes… I will talk to @mdanger about this.

Not at all hah! The module inside is as rigid as a coin, so yeah no flex at all.

Thank you very much Amal. I have submitted an order number 18325. I asked if it can be shipped in a smaller package/box or protective envelope. Whatever’s possible would be great :pray: Thanks

Could this be installed on the back of the hand?
Closer to the wrist than the knuckles

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I was thinking the back of the hand on the flat part diagonally back from pos 0

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Yeah thats what I’m thinking to

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depends entirely on your hand of course… but if there’s enough “flat space” available, then absolutely.


This chip has made me replan a lot of placement stuff I had been considering, dam you @amal

lol jks, keep making fun now things :smiley:


I’ve updated the listing for the flexEM and added 2mm to the diameter for safety. We had two failures in the field after testing (before being implanted thankfully) so to compensate I have added extra material by increasing the diameter to 20mm from 18mm.

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Is this something we should be concerned about? Mine’s still in it’s box thanks to COVID. :slight_smile:

I don’t think so… just scan it before you install to ensure it’s still working. In both cases I think there was an encapsulation problem and the water component of the chlorhexidine solution got in and caused it to stop working, which is what you want to happen in this kind of situation.

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Though if you want to exchange it we can totally do that too, just let me know.

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Still haven’t heard anything about mine, invoice# 4513 order# 18511. Not that I have anybody to install for me at the moment (still working on it).