flexEM positioning and chat

Reads on my AC through the wrap and the swelling :smile: range is nuts on this thing


:rofl: I love this forum.


Meant to mention yesterday @amal the surgeon really approved of your packaging! When he was cutting on my hand he was like “Yeah these guys put it in alcohol or something so they clearly care at least a little if it’s sterile or not” :smile: I was just like yeah mate it’s chlorahexidine they’ve gotta be careful with sterility since it’s a big part of their business


Day 15

My body just taking its sweet time healing. Other than more notable soreness under and around the implant, nothing to report. Simply just continuing an every 5 day update.


Day 6 here are the stitches

Now replaced with steri-strip

Doctor said looked all good, no signs of infection


Day 20

This will be the last update I post on the recovery of this install (unless something goes wrong).

This whole process has been somewhat pain free. I’ve found that when I do have slight discomfort, Blue-Emu Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream works very well.

From time to time I forget about the implant when I cram my hand in my pocket (followed by instant regret of course). I get a burning sensation when I make a tight fist, feels like I’m stretching or pulling at the weak encapsulation. It’s unclear whether that will get better over time, I’m optimistic.

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Thanks for the update, I hope it remains trouble free


Small update it’s been 12 days since the install steri strip finally fell off. She’s a bit dirty because I couldn’t be fucked to wipe the adhesive off before taking a picture but there’s no pain except for like when I stick my hand in a pocket and regret it immediately as @ItaBeAight said :smile:

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I have the same “issue” with my payment implant because I put it at #4.5 rather than #4 or #5 where I should have…I just see it as a reminder that I have the mark of the beast Muhahahaha :smiling_imp:
:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :credit_card:


Day 20 possibly final update. No issues at all, as you can see mostly healed. Only thing that’s happened is I accidentally whapped the fuck out of it on a shelf at work today. Minor swelling for like 20 mins so nothing serious


Looks good. If it was me I would have hit it several times by now. :roll_eyes:

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Final final update after one month 11 days all scabbing is gone zero sensitivity unless I hit it pretty hard (not that I’d do that on purpose)



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It’s time for the 1 year update:

Doesn’t even feel like a year has went by, but it was this day a year ago I had my FlexEM installed.

All and all I’d say I have very little to no regrets. From the moment of install I’ve had to reprogram my brain not to use that side of my hand for anything strenuous. As an industrial millwright / mechanic, I’ve unknowingly had my hands in some precarious situations, that is until I get that little reminder or the implant hooks onto something through my skin. Things like gloves have the potential to be makeshift torture devices if handled carelessly. The EM is surprisingly rigid for a flex.

I originally wanted one in each hand, for each of my credentials, I’m glad I hesitated to install on my dominant hand just for the fact that it would become a nuisance. I wouldn’t personally put anything bigger in that location, I would consider replacing my EM with two smaller ones spaced accordingly or just add a second in my forearm.


Half of my family are millwrights, including my dad :slight_smile:

Very cool, don’t meet many millwrights in the wild, most people don’t even know what millwrights are/what they do haha.

:face_vomiting: That sounds terrible

That’s my biggest fear with getting a large flex in my hand. Your update might change my plans a bit… Might have to aim for the watch area instead of the top of my hand.

Thanks for the update :+1:


I get that alot, that’s why I put /mechanic :joy:

Since I know it’s there, I’m usually pretty careful manipulating my hand into tight spots.

There are a few things you can do ahead of time to experiment with a location, I went as far as superglueing a dime to that location weeks before installing just to see how often I would notice it there. Just the fact that I didn’t knock it off after two days told me alot.


Missed my one year update by a couple days whoopsie.

Zero regrets of course. Still use it rather frequently with my car unlock system I setup. Soon:tm: will be using it even more as my new job access badge.
Still no pain unless it gets snagged rather hard, and I’ve actually had a few nerves reroute themselves above it so there is a tiny bit of feeling but very very little :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Idk what else I’m supposed to say here.
It’s got freckles on it now as well