flexEM positioning and chat

Not really a support question or anything but I’ve just got an email saying my flexEM order is complete. Not only was i exited about that but a shiver also went down my spine thinking about the install (my first flex).

My question is how long are they sterile for? I am but a lowly technician and will have to save to be able to get it installed.

Just wondered how many people have ordered it and what people are planning on doing with it?


I have ordered one. I have a few HID systems I can use it for but I care more about capabilities, not exactly the most efficient way of looking at it but I am happy with it. The flexEM is a niche product that performs 1 task very well. So I guess it will be used for whatever LF system I use the most at any given time and also any instances where I do not want to fuck around with reader angles for example in a stealth situation (I not red team though so that is not likely for the time being)

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Ohh damn… I never actually considered installation cost…

I wonder what 2 flex, 4-5 x series and whatever else gets added to the pile will set me back…

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The quote i got for install of the flexEM (noting it cant be installed with a needle) was £200 and i got to drive about 100 miles to get there…

As for the x series stuff its ball park £50 but if you get several i’m sure they will do a discount.

hayho all in the name of science :smiley:


1180 Miles travel for me to get to the installer I am going too :stuck_out_tongue:


holy shit, why? no one closer?

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There are closer places distance wise, but this is close to my work HQ and usually I travel there quite often so traveling “1180 Miles” is actually more convenient. I also get to stay in a hotel and not worry about things like washing up dishes etch when I am traveling so plan is to get it done over a weekend when I am up there next :smiley:


Where do you live? Miles and £?

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haha, i know lol really weird but that was what i was taught.

Im 25 and in the UK.


@amal can step in if I am wrong but I think the flex implants come in a plastic vial in a solution of chlorhexidine??? Then again the flexEM is wide so maybe not in a vial?

And given his post below It seems to be years if not handled too much (regarding the paper sleeves) so for the plastic vials should be years too I would assume:


Yeah, I also find it funny the UK uses the international mile.

Measurements; internationally only United States, Liberia and Myanmar use imperial.
But distance / speed United States Liberia , Myanmar and the United Kingdom use miles.


Having lived all over the place and sailing I think I am starting to get all the common measuring systems down pat… Only one that I hate is Fahrenheit… I have adopted the simple temperature system of:

  • Cold as fuck
  • Cold
  • Fine
  • Warm
  • Satan’s Ass crack

Seems to be widely understood.


I thought it was;

  • Fucking hell
  • Cold
  • Fine
  • Warm
  • Hot
  • Fucking hell

I digress. I really got to figure the search terms out i couldn’t find anything when i looked :sweat_smile:

maybe we could get a sneak peak at the shipping (packaging) for the flexEM from @mdanger?

If not mine should be here Monday (27th) i have just been informed by DHL and ill pop a couple of pic’s up.

So its 2am here so i think thats me for tonight :slight_smile:


This is going to be totally off topic, so imma gonna blur it, cause it don’t count none :cowboy_hat_face:

Here is the Rant you asked for the other day @leumas95
Fahrenheit just a stupid measurement, hands down, water freezing at 32f and boiling at 200f and something bullshit, WHYYYYY???
Why not 0 freeze and boil at 100??? simple
Miles stupid because of the way it breaks down, 1760 yards WTF, DUM at least there is a standard mile, there used to be a whole bunch including but not limited to London, English, welsh, Irish…
Also the Nautical mile,I don’t mind, and understand it, As there is not much you can do to align that because we can’t change the size of Earth.
A couple of hundred years ago, the French proposed Decimal Time, ( I think tried twice, It didn’t catch on) I would have supported that.
Internet time a modern day equivillent.
I think Swatch tried something back in the 80’s or 90’s also.
Base 10 people!!!
Smarter not harder


is this what you want?


What base is that number in? I shall assume it is binary :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that was. Cool so its shipped as a x series not like the other flex implants.

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Looks like it has some liquid in there as well, I think I see bubbles…

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flexEM are different… they are inside a sterilization pouch but that pouch is inside a sealed poly bag with chlorhexidine. It’ll be fine forever. When ready, open and leave pouch in safe place to dry. Once dry, open and let the flexEM drop to the sterile field without contamination and proceed.


I also got a flexEM and a notification that it shipped. Very exciting.

I intend to use it to open a couple doors at my apartment building without mucking with the read angles like with xEM.

Also, I have a home safe that sometimes just won’t open because of limited xEM range (I have to use a regular LF card then). I expect flexEM to solve this and I should be able to open the safe all the time and instantly.

As for the installation costs, I expect to be quoted around US$100. I’m based in Croatia and I already have a contact of a pro guy that does body implants.