flexEM positioning and chat

Did she come around in the end?

I wasn’t given a solid answer yet since she was just a nurse but said she’d call me back soon with an answer. She also said “although it is very interesting there’s a 99% chance it will be a no”

So far I’ve called 5 places with 2 never calling back at all (had to leave a message) 2 saying no and then the last one calling back as I said
I think I might just have to start going into some offices to better explain and actually let them see what I’m referring to

Good call, plus some information materials /supporting documentation.
Combined with your current implants will all go to aid convincing them.
Good luck buddy

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Thanks mate.

Speaking of that, is there a how to approach a professional for flexies? Or install documentation?

Not as far as I am aware.

As you know the procedure is very similar with the custom needle, for standard flexies, but when it comes to the larger implants like the FlexEM, that would probably best be at the discretion of the installer and what they are comfortable with.

In my opinion, It would still be worth reading through and providing your potential installers with the following information

It would be nice if there was a paint by numbers :framed_picture: for large flexies, but alas there isn’t currently.
Hopefully you can convince your installer to allow you to record it.
But as with @ItaBeAight, I think their refusal was justified, but you never know if you don’t ask.

In saying that, there are a couple of YouTube videos that would give your installer some ideas

“What videos” I hear you ask

:speaking_head: :loudspeaker: WHAT VIDEOS?

Here’s one

And another

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Completely forgot Thought Emporium had a flexNT video! Might show that one to my doctor as well as any surgeon I approach

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oh no

read the guide

especially this part

Emailing or even calling a professional piercer you don’t already know has a very low chance of success. The reason for this is simple - they have no idea who you are, what you’re asking them to do, or if it’s even remotely safe. You’re basically asking them to put their entire business and career at risk to do a one-time installation for you, a complete stranger… nobody is likely to agree to that. To have any decent chance of success, you’re going to have to put on your shoes and go outside.


Yeah I’ve realized now it might not’ve been the best option :smile: my only issue was still having to travel a bit if I were to go in office, Thankfully work tomorrow puts me within minutes of both so when I get off I’m going to head down there and see.


Got an appointment setup with a plastic surgeon this Thursday to talk with him about it :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: seems very open to the idea the front desk woman said it’d mainly be to check for spacing? and stuff of the sort


Day 10

Stitches came out on day 9, everything is coming together nicely, a little more red than I’d like but it’s getting better every day.

The read distance is incredible, almost as good as my actual key card.

Now to get my Spark 2 in me.


That is looking nice buddy.

I don’t have a FlexEM, Just a test one, and from when I had the FlexMT I thought the range was amazing.
I just wish the install was a little easier.
Yours looks great


Just had my flexEM put in recently.

That’s the upper corner of the back of my right hand. The smaller dot below is where my titan went in. I had set it up before I had it installed and much to my surprise even through the swelling I was experiencing I was getting a read from almost an inch away. Really looking forward to everything healing up and seeing just how far out I can get with this.


Ah, so - a Titan in knife edge! That’s nice, I’m still thinking about that as well… any problems with that placement so far?

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Nothing yet, I’m waiting for everything to heal up before I start messing with it too much. I tossed a paper clip on it just to make sure it was still in there. Can’t feel anything with it yet, likely just a swelling issue.

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Although I can’t vouch for Titan I will say if you’re at all wanting to do lifting be careful with knife edge. I can only lift 2-3 paper clips now that mine has migrated

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Consultation turned installation.
She’s in boys!
I’ll post an update Wednesday so you can see the incision and stuff but until then it’s gloved


I am stoked as fuck for you.
Heal well :adhesive_bandage:

Looking forward to the updates


Does this mean I get to chant “One of Them!”. :laughing:

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