flexEM positioning and chat

I do not like the fact I can feel what I just read

Probably not a scalpel, dermal elevators are blunt and used to separate not to slice. Here’s where your doctor’s suggestion comes in. They’ll know what they have, they know what they are trying to achieve, I’d leave it to their expertise on the topic. They may not know RFID, but generally doctors know a thing or two about surgery.

As long as its sterile and designed to be poked into humans, whatever tool they are most comfortable wielding is the best bet (other than buying dermal elevators and waiting for them to arrive)

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Stupid me has to ask the obvious question again (and I’m sure I just overread it somewhere…): You’re in the US, currently there is no full lockdown, so why don’t you go to a piercing/bodmod-studio? Guess they have the tools needed and should know what they do as well, and it will most certainly be cheaper than a cosmetic-surgeon-install (if your doc has to redirect you :wink: ).

In my state currently it is illegal for bodymod artist/piercers to use a scalpel since it is considered a surgical tool. I actually contacted the closest bodymod artist to me (still 3 hours away) and they informed me in the state it would have to be done by a medical professional, and referred me to the plastic surgeon I mentioned.
Also just realized the shop I contacted is a DT partner :smile: Shout out to Kevin, good man


Ah damn, okay… I get that.
So currently, you either have stupid laws (US + UK) or a lockdown… sigh. Not good times to get your body enhanced in any way :wink:

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Melbourne, Australia is looking pretty good right now. But thats only because we had harsh lockdowns and have shut our borders… sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Just fly to a different state, you won’t regret getting an experienced installer and flight prices are still pretty low.

Im only 3.5 hours from the artist I plan on using and I’m considering a flight myself.

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Closest airport to me is in the same city as the plastic surgeon :smile:

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Did some test a little bit ago with my Access control keyfob setup. Crazy long read difference, over a full inch away through the windshield. Can’t wait to get this bad boy installed, even more so now than before :smile:


Of course ^this^ prompted me to test my flexEM tonight at work.

Like you said, over an inch away!
This was range I am looking for.

I’m still awaiting to hear back on Pineapple’s schedule, I guess he doesn’t normally book that far in advance. We have a good line of communication so I’m confident I’ll have a lump in my hand on or around the 1st.

How do the veins play into back of hand installs?

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figured i could post this here since i havent seen anyone install theirs yet in this thread :slight_smile:


Nice location, I’ve considered that one (well mid-arm on the outside) as a fallback in case it is recommended that I don’t do the hand.

How do you like the location? How easy is it to use from that location?

havent had a chance to test it yet at work, and due to either swelling or user error, i cant yet copy my work badge to it. but its a great location for scanning in my opinion because most readers are usually wall mounted around elbow height.

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I had a surgeon told me the sometimes go in with closed surgery scissors, and open them so the blunt (exterior) part of the scissor just separates the skin in one quick go. Probably under anesthetic thats ok, I only know what it feels without and that description makes my skin crawl.

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Not much trouble, if your installer is routined on that stuff…
Mine painted them on before (so he can see where they run while planning the exact placement), and well… one ended up above the implant, the others were below it, I guess it just depends on your anatomy.

It doesn’t bother me as long as they don’t interfere with bodily functions. I wasn’t sure if that would be a concern or not.

I think Pineapple has done 1 or 2 DT flex installs :joy:
The hardest pill to swallow will be the cost.

the breakdown

$100 implant
$300 install (they aren’t around $150 anymore)
$200 hotel (2 nights)
$100 food (3 days of eating out)
$100 fuel (twin turbo V6)

I’ll update this after it’s done for those interested in up-to-date expectations for the South Texas area.

Appointments made, deposits paid, hotel reserved.


and… it’s in!

This is 8 hours after the procedure

unfortunately my camera crew weren’t allowed in and for legal purposes I wasn’t allowed to film it.

Sorry guys :disappointed: I let you down.

He didn’t want people watching the procedure and trying it on their own without proper training.


Not at all.

A very good reason why.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes and seeing some more pictures


Day 5

Healing very quickly, taking the same Prenatal’s and 1/3 dose of These from “My NExT install”

No bruising, swelling or pain after the first day, only slight redness around the stitch area which I believe to be from the stitches themselves.


Talked to a plastic surgeon last Friday in an attempt to find one closer in the event my doctor says no, and it took me a solid 5 minutes to convince her I wasn’t joking :smile:

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