My NExT install

Today was the day!

I’ve been holding onto my NExT implant for over a month now searching for an installer in the south Texas region. Not wanting to drive 3 hours to Austin or even 2 hours to San Antonio I decided to just pop it in myself.

I’ve read up on everything (for months), carefully measured everything out with calipers (I’m a little OCD) and did a (what I think to be a) text book install in the L0 region.

I was actually expecting a bigger needle, however I am quite glad it wasn’t, I cannot believe how hard it is to push that needle in, I must have been using just as much strength holding back as I was pushing forward. I can’t be exact on its location at the moment but it does read from my iPhone.

I still have the xLED’s both hf & lf in white to install, thinking L2 or 3 and R2 or 3 but I’m happy I got my first one in for now.


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Congrats on a successful install, and good luck on your healing :grin:


Congrats, once you’re marked, the slope gets slippery and more come so much easier… :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, and since

You’ll be aware that you may loose that ability for a short period when / if the swelling comes in.

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Yeah, that’s why I say

Maybe a cold pack would help reduce swelling.

Also no telling where the little guy will end up if it decides to go on a journey. This could alter that ability as well.

In any event, I’m keeping my expectations guarded for now. Thanks to all the information and awesome members in this forum, there’s very little surprise left. Just happy to have a piece of tech a part of me.


It’s been about 28 hours since install, I don’t think I’m going to experience any swelling or redness on this install, except for what I got from removing that wicked bandaid :wink:

I don’t have any real plans for it yet, I did read that both sides are protected from malicious attacks, I would just like to confirm this with you guys.

Unfortunately not, the LF side of it is not protected from the factory. I.e. it does not have a password set, nor the password bit set, and there is no number of protected pages set. Realistically, no one is going to maliciously write to your xEM side, though chinese cloners like the Blue cloner often set a password or put it into test mode. Phones cannot read / write to the LF side, significantly decreasing the number of people able to write to your implant.

The HF side is protected though

… and it’s become somewhat clear that you can always recover or reset the T5577 whereas features of the ntag216 such as lock bits, cannot be reset once flipped.

Not if a random password is set :cry: - but that’s very very rare. Recoverable, technically, but brute forcing it, especially on an implant, would be painful bordering on impossible

Adding a password on the LF will be a breeze compared to changing the one on the HF side without an android phone :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Picked up a popl the other day, Needed to buy the product in order to register for an account, but this allows me to associate my card to a URL that I can put on my NExT. I can control what to share and when to share it from the app on my phone, anyone else heard or use one of these?

Some light reading:
Enjoy :slight_smile:


After a week of articulating my hand in front of the HID reader (and security camera) at work, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am unable to get a good read/couple from my NExT. The smaller readers see it and blink green but the door doesn’t click. The larger readers don’t even change. Looks like I will be depending on my 25mm round t55xx’s sewn into the cuffs on my shirt a little longer.

For this next week I shall switch to my time clock UID and see if I can use it there.

It may be time to look into a couple of flexEM’s :clap:t3:

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Sorry if I missed it, did you try with your xFD?
( I know you have to consider the CCTV ) but you don’t have to do it all in one go.

I would break the reader down into sections, and “attacks” down to days if needed.
Approach with xFD in hand, “Attack” the top edge, then genuine swipe in.
Next time or at another reader, “Attack” right hand edge, the genuine swipe, continue until you have covered all possibilities.

If you need to, grab a blank card to cover your attack (xFD taped to the edge) then face palm " oh, wrong card " grab out proper card etc.

What sort of HID reader(s) are they? can you see a model number or snap some photos to share.
Somebody here may be able to give you some feedback on them…

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As far as the reader type, they are a mixture of HID iCLASS SE®️ and multiCLASS SE®️


Great minds think alike, while placing my body between the camera and the pad on several different occasions, I tried my xFD in just about every orientation I could think of, all around the edges, parallel & perpendicular, up & down, side to side. I did manage to get it to blink one time but nothing since.

The narrower pads for outside entry show promise around the middle at the top, (slightly above the reader). I can manage consecutive scans there with my hand but they seem incomplete since the door won’t unlatch and sometimes it shows a blue light.

I have a theory.
Directly after install when my NExT seemed just under the top layer of skin I had good reads on the outside doors and a (1) good read on the other. I’m now 3 weeks in on collagen & prenatals (not sure if that matters). I can tell there’s more tissue around it now than before.

I didn’t set my expectations super high prior to install but maybe higher than I should’ve.

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Your representations of parallel and perpendicular are not exactly in line with the common understanding. We picture the face of the reader as a flat 2D plane, and what you described as parallel is actually perpendicular… the cylinder laying flat against the reader plane positions the cylinder such that it is perpendicular to the antenna trace inside the reader.

What you have described as perpendicular above is not typically possible to replicate when an x-series is implanted so we don’t bother with the z-axis.


Thank you for pointing that out, :man_facepalming:t3: I did not have the coils in mind when describing orientation, I will edit accordingly and keep this in mind in the future.

Absolutely correct in my case.

I’m not at all disappointed. Coming into this, I had no intention of using my NExT for work (and yet, it still may work on the time clock). I’m not giving up!

Now that I’ve got the bug, I’m excited to try some flex’s for work use, of course with the understanding that they won’t have the range my access card has.

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This is the depiction I’m describing… 1 is parallel to the antenna and 2 is perpendicular… the z-axis orientation is not really described as parallel or perpendicular really, but maybe like … some other term? Dunno…

Sticky Outie :wink:

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I didn’t have time over my weekend to switch HID UID’s from facility doors to time clock, however I did go back over the HID scanners today, the narrow one still beeps green super easy and rather fast in the same place with no door click, (meaning it won’t let me in) however, the larger one I’ve been having problems with finally accepted me! and let me in.

Now I’m thinking maybe the LF xDF wasn’t drawing enough attention from the scanner to que a full on light up. My phone does this to the HF xDF, it just flickers very faintly as if it’s scanning for a power draw before going full on but hardly ever does unless something with data on it is presented.

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